Lithuania residence permit
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How To Get Residence Permit In Lithuania? BIZBON offers to receive the cod pharmacy soma Lithuanian Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) on the basis of company registration in Lithuania. Once you get residence permit of Lithuania for two years then you can travel through all European countries (Schengen area). http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ cheap soma overnight saturday delivery Immigration to Lithuania BIZBON consultants assist you  to prepare necessary documents to apply for http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ next day delivery soma temporary Residence Permit on the grounds of company registration in Lithuania and real business activities.

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What do you need to know?

  • follow Company registration in Lithuania can be processed remotely (no need to come to Lithuania).

  • follow link For Residence Permit in Lithuania you can apply in nearest embassy or in the Immigration Office in Lithuania.

  • go To register a company in Lithuania takes takes 2-3 weeks. Once you register a company then you should run the business in Lithuania for 6 months and only then you can apply for here Lithuanian Residence Permit.

Immigration to Lithuania, how to start?

Before starting the process for Tramadol 50Mg Buy Online immigration to Lithuania you need to register a company in Lithuania (usually it is Limited Liability Company) or to buy already existing registered company. After becoming the owner of the company, you will have to employ at least one Lithuanian citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, or foreign citizens that permanently reside in European Union.

Immigration to Lithuania also means that the company during the last six months prior submitting an application form for TRP has to be already running (has active bank account, contracts with partners, office, website, workers and etc.).

Decision for Tramadol Cheap Temporary Residence Permit takes about 2 months after documents are submitted in Immigration Office in Lithuania or in Lithuanian embassy. Tramadol Buy Cheap Lithuanian TRP will be issued for two years period. After these 2 years you can apply for follow site Residence Permit renewal (at least, 1-4 months before the end of the current existing Lithuania Temporary Residence Permit). After 5 years you will be able to apply for Buy Cheapest Tramadol Online Permanent Residence Permit in Lithuania  which will be issued for 5 years perdiod. After this you can apply for source site Lithuanian Passport and citizenship.

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Advantages of Lithuanian Residence Permit
  • First go site Lithuania Temporary Residence Permit card will be issued for two years. And next times it will be renewed for two years period as well.
  • An applicant needs to be self employed in the venture and pay taxes for himself during the immigration to Lithuania.
  • The share capital of a company should not less than 28’000 EUR and no less than 14’000 EUR from this general amount – your invested own funds. Later you should show 14’000 EUR amount in your private bank account or in registered Lithuanian company’s bank account.
  • You can apply for source Lithuanian TRP in the nearest Embassy of Republic of Lithuania (there is no mandatory to arrive to Lithuania to apply for it) or come to Lithuania and apply directly in Lithuanian Migration Department and ask for more details about immigration to Lithuania or doing a business here.
Lithuanian Residence Permit in Lithuania For The Family Residence Permit For The Family Members. If the Company’s shareholders and employees are a wife and a husband, their children under 18 years can automatically get a Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania. If the Company’s shareholder is one of the parents then he / she will be able to bring his / her family to Lithuania after two years.

Law of go to link immigration to Lithuania oftein changes. For this reason better contact BIZBON consultant to get relevant information abou immigration law. More answers and questions about immigration you can find here.

Permanent Residence Permit in Lithuania

In order to get a Order Cheap Tramadol Cod Permanent Residence Permit in Lithuania (PRP), you will be required to live in Lithuania for five years as a Lithuania temporary residence permit holder, pay taxes, and pass Lithuanian language and State Constitution knowledge exam. Tramadol Prescriptions Online Permanent residence permit in Lithuania can be issued with a period of five years. At the termination of this period (from a total of ten years), You can get a citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania and Lithuanian Passport.

Lithuanian Residence Permit Procedure Details

How to start the process for residence permit in Lithuania. Step By Step


Client sends us by email required personal details: copy of passport, living place address, e-mail ID, telephone number to our e-mail address  and makes a prepayment of 50% of amount in advance.

BIZBON details for payments you can find here
We accept: bank transfers, Paypal, Wester Union, Visa / MasterCard

2 Within a week BIZBON prepares necessary documents and sends them to the Client by e-mail. Client prints documents as per instruction and sends us back signed by a fast post courier DHL/TNT or similar.
3 After we will receive documents from you, within 1-2 week swe will prepare all the necessary documents and will receive approvals from Governmental Institutions.
4 When company and TRP documents are ready BIZBON scans and sends it to the Client by e-mail and requests Client for the remaining 50% payment.
5 After Performer receives remaining payment, documents will be sent via post courier to the clients home address.
6 The Client receives the documents and makes an appointment in the nearest Lithuanian Embassy. Then submits the documents to the Embassy and pays the documents submission fee.
Also Client can come to Lithuania and sumbit documents in Lithuanian Immigrartion office with BIZBON consultant’s assistance.
7 After Migration Department receives documents from the Embassy, you have provided there, submission decision has to be taken within period of 2 months.
8 After the possitive decision is made, the Client has to apply  to the Embassy within few weeks at the latest to get a short -term national type D visa on the basis of TRP approval.
9 The Client  comes  to Lithuania immediately and goes to the Migration Department to apply for a plastic residency card.
10 The residency card (the standard plastic card) is issued for a period of two years. This takes time of 5 working days.
11 From now, the foreigner has the right to live in Lithuania, travel through all Schengen member zone countries and do business for a period of two years. Two months before expiration of his TRP the Client has to apply for a TRP renewal and provide his tax and business actvity documents. 
Cost of Residence Permit in Lithuania. Price List.

How much cost services for residence permit in Lithuania?

More details about which options BIZBON offers for our clients you can find here:

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