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Who we are and what we do

Our international company started the activity in 2005 is operating in the providing of a wide range of services on legal and accounting issues, including business consulting (establishment, expansion and management of a new or an already running company, business integration) as well as assist in providing business immigration services to Lithuania and other countries. Long-term of experience allows to our experts objectively review and evaluate any situation. We solve all the causing problems and issues individually within a professional staff that consisted from auditors, lawyers, accountants and business consultants. Our branches and offices are operating in several EU countries. In addition we also represent the clients on the acquisition of business and its support in the rest states of the world.

Therefore, we are able to cooperate with all the clients, including foreign investors and entrepreneurs who intend to start or expand an own business in the European Union and throughout the Schengen Agreement area. There is possible take an advantage to other related services we provid

Business immigration consulting includes a spectrum of the following services

  • The establishment of a newly created company and further formation, and sale of it;
  • All kind of advice of possible issues on company registration;
  • Necessary documents preparation in order to start or expand ready made business;
  • Business plan preparation;
  • Assistance in gaining all necessary licenses and permits for Your business;
  • Formation of enterprises and holdings, companies acquisition and integration of them;
  • Determination using the most effective alternatives structuring business aiming to conclude needful transactions;
  • Finding of financing alternatives for business;
  • Review and evaluation of contract sales, assistance in harmonization of price and costs of transaction;
  • Consulting on Value added tax issues in case of various international transactions;
  • Income tax allocation, finding solution of double taxation;
  • Manual to the jurisdiction of the holding companies on a global scale.

Legal and accounting services for Your business

You can expect a qualified legal and accounting service providing by our specialists, who have an extensive experience of cooperation with local Lithuanian and international companies. In accordance with the client requirements, we can organize bookkeeping not only for a local ventures, but also to the foreign companies as well initiate the preparation of company financial statements and provide all the relevant documentation to various national and private institutions.

  • Taxation issues. Advice on tax solutions;
  • Value added tax issues. Consulting on VAT refund, the procedure implementation of VAT return on behalf of the client;
  • Assistance to register a functioning company in a taxpayer list, VAT payer;
  • Financial statement accounting in accordance to national bookkeeping standards also international financial reporting standards;
  • Payroll;
  • Payment order preparation for commercial banks and other financial institutions;
  • Tax declarations preparation, helping in tax declaration submission to state tax and fiscal offices;
  • Preparation of periodical reports and financial statements on Your company behalf. (annual, monthly);
  • Head accountant (senior) functions.

Business immigration services

We offer to obtain a temporary residence permit (TRP) in Lithuania or the European Union and the Schengen Agreement countries on the basis of legal activity (business) that allows You to live and work in one of those countries and thus freely move through the Schengen territory. At that rate, You are required to establish and register an own or purchase ready made company in Lithuania or other EU country and already have a previous experience of activity in order to run the same business in Lithuania or one of selected EU states. Also we will help with the extension of Lithuanian temporary residence permit or trp for any other country.

Our company has an extensive experience providing business immigration services. Our qualified consultants will kindly assist You with the company registration process and preparation of related necessary documentation as well with the documents that concerns the activity of Your company submitting them to Migration offices in order to obtain a residence permit.


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Why is useful to make business in Lithuania?

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Business Licenses and Permits

Some types of business i Lithuania requires certain licences. Some of them are easy to obtain, other ones are more difficult and time consuming to get. Several licensed business types might be trading in tobacco, alcohol, gasoline products, providing logistic services, casinos and other. We offer full legal assistance while applying and obtaining any kind of business licences, assistance in fulfilling specific requirements. Read More…

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Accounting Services

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Opening Of Bank Account 

Nowadays it is hard to imagine our casual personal life and business operations done without online banking. It easy and fast to open a bank account in Lithuania for EU and non-EU nationals. Usually it takes from 1 to 3 business days to grant a new bank account. Our experienced staff will consult you before choosing a bank, prepare the necessary documents, and assist you in the chosen bank. Read More…

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Before applying to Business immigration agencies in Lithuania we were not sure which one of them to choose and which business immigration company is so competent in perfect way to perform such a difficult work for me. Now, I can bravely emphasize and say about specialists – they are really qualified  and I’ m satisfied about their given opportunity to start my family business here in Lithuania! Now we can work and live in European Union country.

Sarabjeet Singh

I have got my TRP with the help of The team consulted me very well. I am still communicate with these nice people, doesn’t matter that my TRP was done, because they always ready to help and they are really good specialists in this field. My close friend from India recommended me this company and I am very glad. I would like the wish them good luck for their future and plans.
With best regards,

Thomas Hill

I had found business consulting company on a web. I started to communicate with the company through emails and calls. After all preparations for company registration my TRP was done in a short time. Can’t believe that TRP services can be so fast and smooth. BizBon has done all procedures and document preparation about my TRP in a high quality. They assist me in all departments. May grow by leaps and bounds.
Good Wishes

Arman Nazari