Agreement between BIZBON (performer) and CLIENT

I. The payment for work

1.1. CLIENT shall pay agreed amount for the services (State fees, notary fees and other fees are not included in the price and CLIENT should cover them after job will be done);
1.2. PERFORMER does not start the process without a prepayment. CLIENT will pay firstly 50% prepayment in advance within 1 week; the second installment of 50% should be paid in 3 business days, when documents will be ready (PERFORMER releases documents after receiving full prepayment);
1.3. CLIENT has to make payment to PERFORMER’s bank account or in cash, for other payment options agreement between PERFORMER and CLIENT has to be made in advance;
1.4. CLIENT has to cover all possible money transfer fees that might apply (bank transfer, currency exchange fees, notary fees, Centre of Registers fees or other fees if they will apply);
1.5. If CLIENT delays in payment, the contract will be considered as breached and invalid, all services implemented by PERFOMER will be terminated;

II. The responsibility of BIZBON (further called PERFORMER)

2.1. PERFORMER undertakes to keep commercial secrets of CLIENT and not disclose information which was given during company establishment to the third parties without permission of CLIENT, unless it is necessary to reveal data by the law to the government institutions or during any official investigation regarding CLIENT;
2.2 PERFORMER will prepare documents to sign for a company formation within 2 weeks after prepayment is received;
2.3. PERFORMER will prepare all needful documents within 30 business days after getting properly signed documents for company transfer from CLIENT;
2.4. When all documents are ready, PERFORMER will send scanned documents to CLIENT emails and/or will inform about it by a phone or other communication systems that PERFORMER and CLIENT have agreed upon (Skype, E-mail, other programs);
2.5. PERFORMER is responsible for document management in accordance with Lithuanian law and normative acts which are in force at the moment of signing this contract;
2.6. PERFORMER is not responsible for any negative impact to the CLIENT if during or after business registration procedure law has changed and for example CLIENT can no longer develop their intended business and/or apply for a residence permit or renew their residence permit status or visa;
2.7. PERFORMER does not issue any visas or residence permits; it can be issued only by migration offices or embassies abroad;
2.8. PERFORMER is not responsible for the delayed terms, consequences, breaking the clauses of this contract appeared because of CLIENT erroneous presented data or documents;
2.9. PERFORMER is not liable for unfit independent and illegal decisions of the CLIENT;
2.10. PERFORMER is not responsible for the CLIENT’S failures during interviews at the embassy, migration department or other places and for this reason visa being rejected;
2.11. PERFORMER will assist CLIENT during business registration, residence permit procedures and will consult regarding related questions. Other consultations or services will be charged additionally (for example market, employee, office, suppliers, buyer research and other services);
2.12. PERFORMER will send documents using post courier services.

III. The responsibility of the CLIENT

3.1. CLIENT is responsible for the truthfulness and timeliness of presented data. Responsibility for economical-commercial activity infringements, unsuitable made transactions and/or official registration, avoidance of carrying obligations, presenting documents and data too late falls on the CLIENT’S liability. If CLIENT fails to meet his obligation to send required documents within three weeks after signing this agreement, it is within PERFORMER’S discretion to breach the contract by unilateral decision and keep all payments sent from CLIENT to PERFORMER in PERFORMER’s account.
3.2. CLIENT must come to immigration office within one month after positive decision is issued by the migration department to retrieve their TRP card, otherwise they might lose the right to get the residence permit and will need to re-apply;
3.3. If case has been rejected by the Immigration Office or visa was not issued by the Embassy, CLIENT has a right within 14 calendar days to appeal their decision in Embassy’s country of origin. Additional lawyer fee will apply;
3.4. CLIENT is fully responsible for business activities, keeping with EU law, doing accounting, paying taxes and other (once the process is completed);
3.5. CLIENT confirms that he is familiar with EU business and tax law;
3.6. CLIENT is responsible for the payments on time;
3.7. CLIENT has to answer all emails, calls or inquiries sent by PERFORMER as soon as possible with no delay;
3.8. CLIENT has these options to provide needful documents to PERFORMER: by email, by post courier or bring documents in person to the PERFORMER’S office address.

IV. Refund policy

4.1. If CLIENT doesn’t get a residence permit or short term visiting visa it is not a basis for a refund if there is no fault of PERFORMER involved. Applicants should understand that immigration laws place the burden of proof on them. Thus, applicants have to show that they have serious intentions for their traveling/immigration. The decision is not made by BIZBON, so BIZBON doesn’t have the possibility to refund the payment. Nevertheless, BIZBON guarantees for work documentation 100% and a refund is possible if the application was refused because there was a crucial mistake in the documents BIZBON prepared. BIZBON does not refund in case of failure during interview, past activities etc.  
4.2. If for any reason PERFORMER cannot fulfill the conditions of the Contract due to CLIENT’S fault, PERFORMER will leave all prepayment in his account and CLIENT will not get any ordered service documents from the PERFORMER;
4.3. If CLIENT wants to cancel the contract on his own behalf, then PERFORMER does not issue any refunds;

5. Changing conditions, expiration and validity of this contract

5.1. The conditions of this contract may be changed or added by the initiative of both sides;
5.2. If sides did not agree on the changes of the contract conditions it is not pretenses to cancel the contract before the term;
5.3. If scanned documents are sent to the CLIENT and PERFORMER does not receive a final payment for the services within 1 week (one week), then the contract becomes null and void. Prepayments non-refundable.
5.4. The contract may be cancelled:
5.4.1. By the agreement of both sides;
5.4.2. By the initiative of CLIENT if PERFORMER does not fulfill his obligations stated in this contract. PERFORMER must return prepayments for relatively undone work under this contract;
5.4.3. By the initiative of PERFORMER if CLIENT doesn’t fulfill his obligations stated in this contract. Then all prepayments stay in PERFORMERS account.

6. Final provisions

6.1. All disagreements for the fulfillment of this contract, if they occur, must be solved between sides by way of negotiations. If the sides fail to settle the dispute by way of negotiations, the argument shall be finally settled by court in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of Lithuania;
6.2. Both sides agree to keep this Contract valid after prepayment is received from a CLIENT.


1. General provisions

The following Terms of Privacy (hereinafter in the text – “terms”) regulates the main principles and an order, based on which the company “BIZBON” (hereinafter in the text – “we”) is managing the data and docuemnts of clients (hereinafter in the text – “you”).

2. Documents Submission

We collect and use the clients data (name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, other required/submitted data) for the following reasons:

  • To provide correct and truthful information about you and your business intentions;
  • To solve problems connected with provision of BIZBON services;
  • To fulfill other contractual obligations.

All the data delivered to is processed by safe means that secure such data from misuse, disclosure or other unlawful actions.
Your non sensitive personal data may by used for statistic purposes. Such statistic data collection will not be directly or indirectly determined your personal identification. We reserve the right to transfer statistical data to a third party.

3. Personal data transfer to a third party

We have the right to transfer an information to a third party in achieving aims arranged in article 2.
We do not transfer your personal data to a third party without your direct consent, except the circumstances provided by law of Republic of Lithuania.

4. Personal data change or update/renewal

You have the right to change and update/renew the information submitted on application form.
We need to have full, exhaustive and updated information about you for efficient fulfillment of your demands and expectations.

5. Information and claim transmission

All messages on your personal data management are to be submitted by e-mail to: [email protected]

6. Personal data management

You agree that the personal data you voluntarily provide would be processed based on these rules.

7. The changing of the rules

We have the right to partially or completely change the terms of privacy by prior announcement on portal.
While you use BIZBON services, we assume that you are aware and have agreed to possible changes made on terms of the amendment.

8. Final provisions

Law of the Republic of Lithuania is applicable to portal terms of privacy.
Any disputes concerning the term enforcement are dealt by negotiations. In case of agreement failing the disputes are solving by the Law of Republic of Lithuania. 

With respect BIZBON (PERFORMER) 

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