Want to get Residence Permit In Europe?

Buy Already Running Business and Apply For Residence Permit Immediately

We offer you to start a new life style by acquiring a business in Lithuania (North Europe, Schengen zone). Businesses for sale have strong foundation, good reputation, turnovers, employees, bank credit history etc. Different small business opportunities that you will find here will help you to get European Residence Permit for you and your family and also you will be given benefits like social security guaranties, salary, old age pension, education for you and your family, financial support for your business, ability to travel freely and visa free through all Schengen zone (like Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Spain and etc.). In one company can be included 1-4 investors who will be able to apply for a residence permit in Lithuania with family members.

Accommodation business 30’000,- EUR

Accommodation business in Vilnius with a great customer rating and online booking links. Situated in the Old Town of Vilnius, near Railway and Bus Station Area. Two spacious apartments next to each other, on the first floor with separate entrances, car...

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Massage salon 50’000,- EUR

Active - 6 years The staff is 4 masseurs, 3 beauticians, 1 administrator. Premises - River g. 5, Vilnius, long-term lease. The rental price of the premises is 646 euros. Services: practically all possible body and facial massages, the most sought after in...

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Healthy food bar 15’000,- EUR

A 5 year healthy food bar located in the very heart of the Old Town, near the Town Hall. Branded and easily identifiable brand for sale, all unique cooking techniques. This type of food is very popular in Lithuania and around the world. We are known not...

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