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2Here you can find all options and prices for the business immigration to Lithuania that BIZBON offers for the clients.
We are trying always to update our website with newest information and our service price list. But Immigration law changes very rapidly, for this reason we are asking you to contact our office for the relevant business immigration information and service cost.

Tramadol Online Ireland Initial expenses, EUR Tramadol Using Paypal Min-Max applicants Fee for each additional applicant, EUR Tramadol Online Rx TRP has to be renewed Option No.1 With New Company registration From 5’000 1-4 2’500 each two years

Here will be formed a company (LLC) with 28’000 Eur (company price 2500 Eur) or 43’500 Eur (company price 3000) capital. One or three persons will be included in a company as shareholders, who will have 100% – 33% shares each, and the fourth person can be included as a company’s director. The company’s director should have a monthly salary and taxes should be paid on time (shareholders do not need to work in the company). This company should hire at least 2 Lithuanians or other EU citizens and pay him two average salaries. After 6 months of company being active (doing some business activities, having Lithuanian employed and other) shareholders and director can apply for TRP.


see Option No.2 Purchasing Already Running Business. SAFEST option!!!  30’000-500’000  1-4 30’000-150’000
Safest Offer. Highest success rate! If you are not planning to have activities and do not want to be in a business at all, then you can invest or purchase an existing business, where are already one or more Lithuanian citizens working with good long term past company reputation. You should purchase not less than 33% of such company shares, total share value should be not less than 14’000,- EUR per each person. Moreover, it is possible to receive annual dividends! We always have good offers for investors! Here you can find an available business for sale in Lithuania
Option No.3 Registering a branch company 5’000 1-5 2’500 enter site 3 years
If you are Tramadol Online Yahoo Answers not a citizen of the European Union, you have your own company or business, which is also go site not registered in the European Union – in this case, you can get a temporary residence permit for the Republic of Lithuania for 3 years with a possibility to extend it. It is not necessary to work for 6 months before applying for a residence permit and it is not necessary to employ Lithuanian citizens. Here is some more information:
Option No.4  New Company registration &  here National one year D type visa. BEST OPTION!  2’000  1-4  1’000 1 year
go to site CHEAPEST AND FASTEST IMMIGRATION TO LITHUANIA.  Register a new company in Lithuania and apply for 1 year national D type visa immediately. Company registration takes 2-3 weeks. After the visa application, you will get a stamp in your passport with permission to stay in Lithuanian until visa will be issued. Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks. Each applicant should have to have 14’000 Eur to show his savings and investments for the business. You can apply for National D type visa for 1 year in a) Lithuanian embassy in your or nearest country b) immigration office in Lithuania.
Documents required: Copy of passport, address of living, tel. number.
This visa allows traveling through all Schengen countries (Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Austria,  Poland, Spain and etc.). For more information press and read here
Option No. 5 BizBon Business Immigration Tramadol Online Overnight 180 Franchise. Small investment required to start own business Price from 20’000 Eur 1-4 10’000 Each two years

We kindly invite you to become an Associate Partner of our fast-growing family (since 2005). Innovative business methods, reputable brand name, strong team. Business descriptions and clients you will get instantly. Read more…

Further in this brochure you can find more detailed information about each option mentioned above. If it is hard to find best way to immigrate to Europe, please contact us by telephone or email.

Residence permit on the basis of doing business – New Company Registration

Option No.1

The applicant will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Company has to have active business history for the last six months Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally before submitting application form for TRP;
  2. The share capital of this company should be not less than 28’000 Eur
  3. There have to be employed at least two Lithuanian workers in the company (at least a few weeks Prescription Tramadol Online before submitting application form for TRP);
  4. The applicant has to have not less than 14’000,- EUR share capital value and not less than 1/3 of share capital or has to be a director of such company without having any share part in it (in this case we can apply total 4 investors (3 shareholders + 1 director) under one company and other foreigners can be included only on the basis of work permit).
  5. The applicant will have to buy social insurance for one year (around 100,- EUR per year)
  6. The applicant will have to provide approved bank statement with at least 5000 EUR remaining balance to show sufficient funds to live in Lithuania;


  1. First TRP card will be issued for two years and other times it will be renewed for two years;
  2. Applicant needs to be self employed in the company and pay taxes for himself;
  3. To maintain TRP card it’s enough to own not less than 33% share parts of the company in which at least two Lithuanians or other EU national citizen is employed and paid with two average Lithuanian salaries and the share capital is not less than 14’000 EUR per each investor, nothing more.

    Required documents:

    1. Copy of passport copy;
    2. Living place address;
    3. Contact details;
    4. Police clearance certificate not older than 6 months;
    5. Personal bank statement with balance no less than 5’000 Eur (bank stamp and signature);
    6. Notarized and legalized Power Of Attorney for BizBon representative.

Also here can be included one more foreigner and get Temporary Residence Permit on the basis that he is a director of such company, in this case, there would be additional expenses to cover director minimal salary taxes. Agency fee for preparation of the documents for Residence Permit – 1’500 Eur.

Procedure step by step:

  1. Establishing a company;
  2. Doing business activities for at least six months before applying for a Temporary Residence Permit;
  3. Hiring 2 Lithuanians or any other EU citizen at least one month before applying for TRP;
  4. Applying for TRP in the migration department or Lithuanian embassy abroad;
  5. Within 2 months you will receive a decision;
  6. Within three months after the decision is taken, you have to collect Temporary Residence Permit card in Lithuania
  7. After TRP card issuance you have to keep your business running with three Lithuanian citizens working to secure your current TRP and future Temporary Residence Permit card renewals.

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Residence permit on the basis of buying an already running business (Safest Offer)

Option No.2 We also do have such already running companies doing a real business in Lithuania for the last couple of years. In this case we can include investor under already existing company for the onetime fee of from 30’000,- EUR, for this fee you will be included as 1/3 shareholder of the company and you will be granted for the lifetime TRP which will be renewed each two years + you will be able to get dividends from the profits generated each year + free TRP application preparation + free TRP renewals + you won’t need to bother about running a business. If you will buy the whole company, then you will get a fourth place free of charge to apply the dedicated company’s director for TRP. Required documents:

  1. Copy of passport;
  2. Living place address;
  3. Contact details;
  4. Police clearance;
  5. Personal bank statement with balance no less than 5’000 Eur (bank stamp and signature);
  6. Notarized and legalized Power Of Attorney for BizBon representative.

To include a shareholder into running a business would take around a week and after that, he can apply for a residence permit in the nearest Lithuanian embassy or directly in Lithuania, after that Migration department would take two more months to grant a residence permit. There are no consultancy or renewal fees! We do have such already running business for sale. Please get in touch with us for the latest offers.
Here you can find an available business for sale:

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Residence permit on the basis of branch company registration

Option No.3
A permit to reside in Lithuania for 3 years when registering a branch company. If you are not a citizen of the European Union, you have your own company and business which is active not less than 2 years, which is also not registered in the European Union – in this case you can get a temporary residence permit for the Republic of Lithuania for 3 years with a possibility to extend it. It is not necessary to work for 6 months before applying for a residence permit and it is not necessary to employ Lithuanian citizens.

How to do it?

The Immigration Law indicates that an alien who has registered a company or an agency whose founder is a foreign company has a right to send his employees to Lithuania who would work in this company and obtain a permit to reside in Lithuania for up to 3 years. The license can then be renewed for another 3 years.

The process of obtaining a temporary residence permit takes about 2 months. Including company registration and preparation of additional documents.

You can also bring your family members. They can apply for temporary residence permits at the same time as you. They will be issued temporary residence permits for the same period as your temporary residence permit.

For the first temporary residence permit, you must apply at the Lithuanian Embassy, ​​which is not located in the territory of the EU Member States. In this case, BIZBON’s lawyers will make a package of documents and send it by registered mail to your home address. Documents will need to be signed and delivered personally to the nearest Lithuanian Embassy. To use immigration program, you will need to send the following legalized documents (at the Foreign Affairs Ministry or Apostle) by e-mail:

  1. Copy of passport;
  2. Address of living;
  3. Company registration certificate and statutes;
  4. Employment contract (which shows that you work in the company for at least 6 months);
  5. Education diploma documents;
  6. Private bank statement with the balance not less than 5’000 Eur;
  7. Police clearance certificate.

For more information please contact BIZBON’s office.
[email protected]

Business registration would take around 3 weeks after that we will prepare necessary application forms to apply for a residence permit after documents submission Migration department will take another 2-3 months to grant you a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). Expenses After receiving TRP card under above-described basis applicant would need to cover his monthly salary taxes and hire at least 1 Lithuanian worker (monthly salary depends on a position but it should not be lower than 600 Eur / month)
BIZBON Consultancy fee There would be a fee of 1’500,- EUR for making a representative company registration and 1’500,- EUR for each residence permit for each applicant under the same company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I apply for a residence permit? You can submit documents in the nearest Lithuanian embassy abroad or during your visit to Lithuania directly to the migration department. You cannot submit documents for a residence permit to the representative embassy which works on behalf of Lithuania. In representative embassies, you can apply only for a short term visiting visas. 2. Do I need to make an appointment for the document submission? Yes, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance with the Lithuanian embassy or Lithuania’s Migration department as well. 3. Can I submit documents for a residence permit by post courier? No. Personal appearance is mandatory. 4. Will there be any interview? Yes. There might be an interview during document submission about your business plans and intentions in Lithuania. Before submitting documents we provide a questionnaire list to the applicant. 5. How I will be informed about the decision? It is possible to check case status by the Migration Department phone line, as well we are tracking each of our client cases and upon approval, we do inform the client. 6. Will I get a refund if the migration department will issue negative decision? You will get a full refund only in one case: if there will be any error in documents that we have prepared and it was the reason for the case to be rejected. In any other cases, we do not issue refunds. If you have chosen an investment basis, then if there would be issued negative decision your investment amount will be returned fully. 7. How my TRP will be renewed? Each time when the time will come for you to renew your current TRP cars you will need to submit documents stating your TRP basis has not changed. 8. Can I bring my family on dependant visa? You are allowed to bring your family on a dependant visa after two years of having a residence permit. Otherwise, you have to include your adult family members as shareholders in the company and kids under 18 years will get dependent visa. 9. When can I apply for permanent residence? After five years of having a temporary residence permit, you have a right to apply for a permanent residence permit which is issued for five years. As well you will need to pass Lithuanian language and constitution exams. 10. When can I get Lithuanian citizenship? After ten years of having residence permit.

Have a question? Feel free to Contact with us