Swedish temporary residence permit

In order to live and work in Sweden for more than three months you need to get an identification number. This identification number is given to all Swedes at birth since 1947. It will be required every time  when you open a bank account or get a mobile phone line provider, even when you go to the doctor.

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Opening of a company gives you the direct right to ask for Swedish identification number. Swedish identification numbers, as has been already mentioned, provide a person and his/ her family members with all main social guarantees such as free education, children care, medical care, as well as social payments (in other words, it means legal immigration to Sweden).

Requirements to Obtain the Residence Permit:

  • you have a valid passport;
  • you can prove that you own at least fifty percent of the company and you run the business and you have the ultimate responsibility for it;
  • you are educated and have enough experience to do your own business;
  • you can show that you will have enough money to support yourself and your family for the first two years (should show money in bank account or prove that your business will be profitable);
  • you have Swedish and/or English language skills.

Permanent Residence Permit 

In order to get permission for a permanent living in Sweden, it is necessary to show that you / your company will have enough income and l pay regular taxes.  No debts to the Swedish Government. Fulltime job at the moment of application and absence of criminal records are required.

Swedish Residence Permit Procedure Details

1 The Client, willing to immigrate to Sweden sends us required document (a copy of passport/ID, living/registation address, e-mail, telephone number) to our address [email protected] to initiate all the procedure. After that, we (client and our company) signs a contract, then the Client pays an advance payment (as standard 50% of total amount).
2 Our company prepares all documents needed for immigration to Sweden within one week and then send them electronic version back to the Client by email. Our Client who wants to live in Sweden prints out the arranged documents pursuant to the instruction given by us, signs them and sends back to us for further procedure via an express courier.
3 The third next step in Sweden immigration procedure is: We receive the documents signed by client,  then will prepare all a must documents within a few weeks and then get approvals for Sweden immigratio from the Governmental Institutions for the Client (Company and Swedish temporary residence permit documents – all full package).
4 When an established or ready-made company and TRP documents are ready, we do that: scan them and send it to the Client willing to live in Sweden by email and request him for payment of the remaining 50% of the amount of contract.
5 After that, when we receive the remaining contract payment, the immigration to Sweden documents will be sent to Client via post courier, like DHL.
6 After the Client receives the documents, he/ she makes an appointment in the nearest Swedish Embassy. He/ she submits the documents To the Embassy and pays the documents submission fee
7 A submission decision has to be taken within 3 months  upon Migration Department receives documents from the Embassy you have submitted documents to. The decision will be sent to the local Embassy.
8 The further step, on condition if the positive decision is made by Migration Department, the Client then has to apply at nearest Sweden Embassy to get a short-term national type D visa on the basis of Sweden TRP approval.
9 The Client  comes  to Sweden immediately, goes to the Migration Department to apply for a plastic residency card
10 The  plastic residency card is made and issued within a few working days.
11 From now, a foreigner has the right to live in Sweden, travel through all Schengen member zone countries and do business for a period of one year. Two months before expiration date of TRP the Client has to apply for a TRP renewal and provide his/her tax and business activity documents.
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