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Legal services in Spain

We are ready to assist you with legal matters which you will need during company registration procedure  in the Kingdom of Spain. Our professional highly skilled staff will lead you through all legal procedures.

The population of the Kingdom of Spain makes 46,661,950 million. The capital of the country is city of Madrid; the country is in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The country is bordered to the west by Portugal, to the north – by France and Andorra, to the south – by Gibraltar. Spain is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

A sustainable economy, a broad market with intense internal demand for different objects and with great potential for growth makes it possible for every beginner foreign entrepreneur to implement its business plans for investment in existing entities or to start everything from the first steps by setting up a business and actually engaging in the desired business activities compatible with laws of the Kingdom of Spain.

Good geographical location gives the freedom of taking advantage of good weather conditions and to engage in agriculture, growing tourism allows opening cafes, a souvenir shop or to engage in other businesses. Multicultural population environment, principles of freedom of speech, freedom of choice of business performance principles allow each visiting foreigner, in accordance with the laws, to feel free expressing business idea, without fear for his or her status as a foreigner and possible restrictions to start of the legitimate business activities.

The country is a party to the common monetary euro zone system. So, each foreigner performing business activities in the Kingdom of Spain can successfully pay, carry out bank transfers to potential partners or customers in another country of euro zone (there are 19 European countries in total in the euro zone) and also travel in these countries paying with the same Euro currency without conversion.

A large number of foreigners living in the Kingdom of Spain, the country’s diverse development, good weather conditions are only the initial circumstances that encourage foreigners to invest their funds into already existing business or to launch a new business in the Kingdom of Spain.

If you seek to achieve the objectives to start a business, this is a great opportunity to connect to a wide circle of foreigners operating in the Kingdom of Spain.

Our professional team is ready to help you in achieving your goals!

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