Legal advice Services in Slovakia

Slovakia (the official name – the Slovak Republic, SK) is a country that situated in the Central Europe. As a landlocked country it shares the land borders with Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Population of a country is 5,4 million inhabitants (2013 est.). The official language – Slovak. The capital and largest city is Bratislava, other biggest cities – Košice, Prešov, and Žilina. Slovakia is a member of EU since 2004 and a part of single European Union market. Slovakia is also a part of Euro Zone. Euro (EUR) is the official currency of the country since 2009.

Economy of Slovakia is a developed and considered as high-income economy. Major national economic industries – food and beverages, gas, electricity, tourism, metal and metal products, chemicals, paper and printing, machinery, textiles, transport vehicles, and etc. Slovakia exports its manufactured production to other European countries (key export partners – Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria). Among the major import partners – Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Austria and Hungary (key imports mineral products, machinery equipment, transport equipment, base metals, plastics, chemicals, and and etc.).

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