Lithuanian Business Visa Assistance
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Lithuanian Business Visa Assistance

Lithuanian business visas remain to be very popular among foreigners who want to start their business in the Baltic States. We assist our clients in obtaining of a Schengen (Lithuania) business visa. Since we consider this procedure in a responsible manner, the process will take minimum of time.
The business visa to Lithuania will let you travelling, setting up business and being in Lithuania and the Schengen zone countries without or with minimum restrictions. We will assume responsibility for EU business visa processing documents. Good knowledge of the Lithuanian law allows us to manage this procedure quickly and in a qualitative manner, so Lithuanian business visa process does not take much time. We do not postpone our work – we do it now and do it well!

2’500 Eur for first person, second applicant 1’500 Eur ONLY!!!

BEST OPTION!  Register a new company in Lithuania and apply for 1 year national D type visa immediately!!! 
Company registration takes 2 weeks. Company can be registered remotely (not necessary to come to Lithuania and stay here)

After visa application you will get stamp in your passport with permission to stay in Lithuanian until visa will be issued. Usually it takes 2-4 weeks. Each applicant should have to have 14’000 Eur to show his savings and investments for the business.
You can apply for National D type visa for 1 year at:
a) Lithuanian embassy in your or nearest country (we will send documents to your home address, you need only to apply in person)
b) immigration office in Lithuania.

More Requirements for D type visa you can find in official Lithuanian Immigration Department website here (paragraph No. 10):

Company registration and 1 person application costs 2’500 Eur. Each additional person in the same company +1’500 Eur.

To start the procedure we will need from you:
1) Documents: copy of passport, address of living, tel. number – all of them you can send us by email. And legalized police clearance certificate (should be submitted together with application, you do not need to send us for the beginning of process).
2) Prepayment for the services 50%, remaining amount should be transferred after all documents will be ready form our side.

National D type visa allows to travel through all Schengen area (Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Austria,  Poland, Spain and etc.)

Don’t hesitate and apply right now for one year Schengen Visa.
Send required documents to us by email << >>

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How to get the Lithuanian Business Visa?

There are some Lithuanian business visa requirements: in order to get a temporary or a permanent business visa to Lithuania. First of all, you need to get a business visa invitation letter approved by the Migration Department. To prepare such an invitation, we will need to have the following information:

      • Harmonized visa application form completed and signed by the applicant;
      • Travel document valid for at least three months after the intended date of (last) departure from the Schengen area, containing at least two blank pages and issued within the previous ten years;
      • Photograph;
      • Visa fee;
      • Your e-mail;
      • Your address;
      • Travel medical insurance for the amount of at least €30.000. This type of insurance should be valid for the whole Schengen zone and should cover the entire period of expected stay in the country. Please note that if you have a visa for multiple entries, the insurance should cover the entire period of the first trip. The scope of such insurance makes any expenses in relation to urgent medical assistance, emergency hospital treatment, repatriation for medical reasons and death of a foreigner during the stay in the country.
      • Copy of the internal passport.
      • Foreigners travelling to Lithuania on business as employees must also have the following documents:

        A valid employment contract or a written request from a hosting firm or organisation to attend certain events of meetings, or any other proof of purpose of stay, a copy of business license or similar document, the foreigner’s current bank statement for the last six months, an income tax return.

      • Self-employed people travelling to Lithuania besides the documents that are common for getting Lithuanian visa must also present the following documents:

        A valid employment contract or a written request from a hosting firm or organisation to attend certain events of meetings, or any other proof of purpose of stay, a copy of business license or similar document, the foreigner’s current bank statement for the last six months, an income tax return.

      • Your business type description;
      • Business registration certificate.

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Short Term Lithuanian Schengen Visa

 Type of visas: Schengen visas:
  • Schengen visa;
  • national visa (D).
  • airport transit visa (A);
  • short-stay visa (C).

Visas might be single-entry, dual-entry and multiple-entry visas. An alien may be issued a Schengen visa with limited territorial Visa validity. The visa fee and cost of the procedure vary depending on the type of visa the client needs.

In order to get a Schengen short-stay visa (C) an invitation of a legal or natural person for temporal arrival of an alien to the Republic of Lithuania confirmed by a Migration Service of the Republic of Lithuania or documents confirming the purpose and conditions for an intended stay in the Republic of Lithuania, means of subsistence during the period of stay in the Republic of Lithuania or legitimate source for receiving it, available finances for return to the country where an alien has the right to go. When a visa is issued to an alien on the ground of an invitation or according to a tourism services contract, mandatory means for an alien arriving to the Republic of Lithuania is 20 EUR per day, in other cases – 40 EUR per day.

Intending to enter the Republic of Lithuania for many times, the documents proving the necessity for multiple entries must be submitted.

A national visa for a single entry (D) shall be issued to an alien, who has been granted a permit of temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Lithuania by the Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior.

If a foreigner needs multiple entries into the Republic of Lithuania, a national visa of D type is necessary. This type of visa will be issued if a foreigner presents to the relevant body necessary documents confirming the fact that although the foreigner’s main place of residence is in a foreign state he or she needs to enter the Republic of Lithuania from time to time on a periodical basis. Moreover, there should be no requirement for a foreigner to get a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania. Multiple entry national visa may be issued in several cases established by law.

Among other cases, the Lithuanian business visa may be issued to an alien who periodically comes to the Republic of Lithuania to work or engage in any other lawful activity and whose main place of residence is in a foreign state. In this case, the visa (D) is issued for a period not exceeding one year.

Where visas are issued?

An alien should apply for the issuance of a visa (whether Schengen or national) to a diplomatic mission or a consular post of the Republic of Lithuania abroad or to a diplomatic mission or a consular post of another Schengen State representing the Republic of Lithuania abroad. In this case, the alien may apply solely for the issuance of a Schengen visa and only where the alien is a citizen of a state where the diplomatic mission or the consular post of another Schengen State is located or a citizen of a third country holding a residence permit in this state. When filing a visa application or applying for a visa extension, it is necessary to indicate the duration of stay in Lithuania, i.e. to determine the term of visa validity.

VISA CHECK LIST Short-stay Visa (C) (documents required to submit)

1. Lithuanian company documents, which shows that you are director, shareholder of this company.
2. A valid travel document – passport (its period of validity must exceed the validity period of the requested visa by at least three months);
3. A completed application form with 1 recent color photographs in the size of 3.5 cms x 4.5 cms with white / light background. The face should cover about 80% of the photo area;
4. Air ticket reservation;
5. Hotel reservation;
6. A copy of overseas medical insurance policy (equivalent to 30,000 euros, valid in Schengen area). Please carry your original insurance for verification at the time of submission of visa application form;
7. Cover letter from applicant, explaining the exact purpose and duration of stay in Lithuania (mini business plan);
8. Official letter from the employer stating exact purpose of travel, applicant’s designation and applicant’s monthly income;
9. Proof of employment for last 6 months (covering letter from employer, salary slips);
10. Personal bank account statement for last 6 months.
NOTE: The Embassy can ask any other documents that they feel are needed, you should contact the Embassy to inquire about this and if necessary – to reply to the business visa interview questions.

Please, send all required information to: and we will check whether your documents meet all the requirements established in laws.

Business visa processing time is usually not too long, the whole process takes about 4 weeks. When we receive all this information and documents from you, we will prepare a business visa invitation letter approved by the Migration Department within 2 weeks and send it to you. With this business visa invitation letter, you will have to apply to the Lithuanian Embassy or Lithuanian diplomatic missions and Schengen business visa will be issued to you within several weeks. Or, if your visa validity is over, we will provide you assistance for your visa extension. We an also help you to prepare for business visa interview questions.

Refusal to Issue a visa

Sometimes due to some reasons, the Embassy does not issue you a Lithuanian business visa. If this is your case and you think that the Embassy‘s decision is not motivated and you meet all the requirements established by laws to get a business visa, we may provide you assistance with Lithuanian business visa as well as with preparing procedural documents and initiating legal procedure against the Embassy. However, if the refusal to issue a Lithuanian business visa is obtained with the requirement of an additional interview or information, then it is logical to fulfil these requirements. The cost of the procedure of appeal is agreed with the client individually. Knowledge of law allows us manage these procedures successfully – we have our own know-how methods and we consider each case in a responsible and flexible way.