Legal Services in Estonia

Operating private legal enterprises and law companies in the Republic of Estonia can grant a wide range of legal services to anyone who requires a professional and competent assistance on law issues – starting from setting up of any legal entity in Estonia to the arrangement of all important documents regarding a purchase of real estate, property inheritance matters, company bookkeeping services, and many other legal practices in this country. Working in a private legal practice area of general law issues in which company may provide an expertise professional aid to applying customers by dealing certain arising problems, it may provide a qualified and efficient legal services.

A wide range of legal practices includes the following actions, activities and deeds that can be helpful to each applying person :
Formation and establishment of any organizational form company in the Republic of Estonia; visa processing (Estonian Schengen visa, tourist visa, national Estonian visa); licensing of any business activities; aid in preparing of all needful documents in order to purchase relevant licenses; legal advice on international, EU and national corporate law issues; assistance in opening company bank account; manufacturing of enterprise stamp ; preparation and arrangement of the Estonian company internal documents, cooperation with state authorities; providing an exhaustive legal information about real estate in Estonia, an aid in searching for desired real estate in this country; legalization and authorization of various legal documents (for e.g., birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, diplomas that confirm the acquisition of a different education levels (Bachelor, Master or PhD programs), and etc.

In collaboration with a big number of national translation and notary offices Estonian law firms can also grant a help to the clients with any sort of documents translations into the local national language or other languages and such documents authorization. Non-EU foreigners also may expect and receive a qualified legal aid by providing to them numerous services that concern to processing of the necessary documentation in order to obtain uppermost Estonian temporary residence permit as well as to receive an assistance in arranging of the documents to renew or extend present Estonian temporary residence permit by bringing them to respective state institutions (at this case – to the Migration Office branches of Estonia).

Legal services in Estonia are available to everyone despite of is applying customer a local national or the citizen from a foreign state. So, anyone can get a professional and qualified legal assistance on different legal matters. That is why for arising various legal issues You may always refer to operating legal firms in Estonia that may provide professional advice and give best decision.

Compiled by Swedbank the Competitiveness Index for the Baltic Sea Region shows that in 2014 the business environment in Estonia has been improved for the second year in a row. The position of the business environment in Estonia has improved thanks to the success of all reflected indicators in the Index, such as terms for business development, company registration, also the flow of investments, and etc. The highest progress during the passed several years has been achieved in the sectors of infrastructure and logistics. Expressed indicators openly shows the competitiveness and business environment of this Baltic country.

Our international enterprise with a network of branches operating in a several EU countries offer a wide range of legal services that includes setting up, expansion and management of any business in Estonia (e.g., formation and new company registration, assistance in acquiring of ready made business as well as provision of market researches on a specific business industry and other information for doing business in Estonia.), also in Estonia business immigration services (preparation of all the necessary documents to obtain or extend a residence permit on the basis of company registration on purpose to live, work and thus freelly move throughout the Schengen teritory, foreigner employment services including them into Your company, and etc.). blonde milf