Legal services and lawyers assistance in Denmark

Responsible view, acquired practice, good and deep knowledge let us work effectively and adopt right decisions. We provide legal advice in Denmark professionally for foreign  natural and foreign legal persons.

The main areas of our work:

  • Purchase, sale, interception of companies and businesses ;
  • Company’s Audit and accounting services;
  • Taxes ;
  • Preparation of documentation for various authorities for obtaining certificates, licenses ;
  • Preparation of complaints, claims and other documents;
  • Company’s internal documents: internal work rules, job description, magazines, order projects, employment contracts, collective agreements, documents on authorized capital increase, financial liability contracts and so on;
  • Preparation of contracts on loans, buying/selling, renting, representation, equipment, copyright, labor and others;
  • Debt recovery. Prompt evaluation of the situation and proper preparation of the actions plan, debt recovery from debtors.

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According to a new annual report prepared by the World Bank “Doing Business 2015″ for the year of 2014, which characterizes the general business environment and doing business terms in all the world, Denmark ranks at 4th position. Such indicators as taxation, the level of implementation of innovations, government role to economy has also been highly estimated, so immigration on the basis of entrepreneurship as well as living and doing business in Denmark should be comfortable and safe.

Our international enterprise with a network of branches operating in a several EU countries offer a wide range of legal services that includes setting up, expansion and management of any business in Denmark (e.g., formation and new company registration, assistance in acquiring of ready made business as well as provision of market researches on a specific business industry and another business opportunities in Denmark.), also the business immigration services (preparation of all the necessary documents to obtain or extend a residence permit on the basis of company registration on purpose to live, work and thus freely move throughout the Schengen territory, foreigner employment services including them into Your company, and etc.).

Reliability of Our Specialists

law and justice symbol - themis scalesOur specialists as representatives of legal advice in Denmark have an excellent reputation in matters with the state agencies. According to the situation, we can offer accounting solutions, prepare a tax return documents and provide other tax consulting services or legal advice in Denmark. We represent clients in tax authorities, provide services of registration in the taxpayer and VAT registry. What is more, we acquaint clients with the tax-saving opportunities that plays a very important role nowadays. The main goal for us is to strive for mutually beneficial partnerships. blonde milf