Legal Services in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic as well as in any other European Union country operating private legal companies and law enterprises can offer and provide a wide range of legal services to anyone who need such assistance – from any legal entity registration to the drawing up of all the necessary documents regarding the acquisition of a real estate to property inheritance issue arrangement in this country.. Each company has its own specific legal activity area in which company staff is more competent by solving relevant points of law, so it can provide more efficient services to customers wishing to use them.

A wide range of legal services includes the following practices, deeds and activities that can be helpful to each applying person : Registration of any organizational form of legal entity in the Czech Republic; visa processing (Czech Schengen visa, Czech national visa, tourist visa); licensing activities; assistance in preparing all the necessary documents for obtaining relevant licenses; legal advice on national corporate law; assistance in opening a corporate bank account ; company stamp manufacturing ; preparation of the Czech company internal documents; providing legal information on real estate in the Czech Republic, the search for real estate in this country; legalization of various documents (for e.g., birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, diploma or certificate confirming the acquisition of higher education degrees of Bachelor, Master or PhD), and etc..

Cooperating with notary offices and national translation agencies Czech private law firms can also assist to customers with any type documents translations into the local Czech language and such documents legalization. Foreign nationals from non-EU countries also may expect legal help by providing to them services related the processing of necessary documentation in order to obtain primarily Czech temporary residence permit as well as get an assistance in preparation of the documents to extend or renew current Czech temporary residence permit by providing them to respective government institutions (in this case – to the Migration Office of the Czech Republic ).

Legal services in the Czech Republic are accessible to everyone despite of is the person a local national or foreign citizen. Anyone may expect and receive a professional legal assistance on various legal matters and issues. Therefore, for arising legal issues You can always trust and refer to operating legal companies and law firms in the Czech Republic that may provide professional advice and accept best solutions.

Czech Republic (the official name – the Czech Republic, CZ) is an independent country in a Central Europe. As a landlocked state it shares the land borders with the following European countries – Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Population of Czech Republic is about 10,5 million inhabitants (2013 est.). The official language – Czech, there are officially recognized existing minority languages. The capital and largest city is Prague, other biggest cities – Brno, Ostrava, Plzen, Liberec and Olomouc. Prague is one of the most visited and beautiful cities in Europe. Czech Republic is a member of European Union since 2004 and a part of Schengen Zone, but does not belong to Euro Zone. Czech Koruna (CZK) is the official national currency of the country.

Czech Republic has a stable, developed and high income economy in all Central Europe region that uppermost is based on services and industries. Main national industries – metallurgy, glass, machinery and equipment, iron and steel production, brewing, metalworking, ceramics, china, and etc. Country exports its manufactured production to various countries (key export partners – EU states Germany, Slovakia, Poland, France ). Among the major import partners – Germany, Poland, Slovakia, China, Netherlands (key import production – transport equipment, machinery, chemicals, raw materials, and etc.).

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