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Both the local and foreign businesses, which have decided to invest in Lithuania and expand activity into the Lithuanian  market, also can apply to the European Union for Structural Funds and business support. This kind of startup Lithuania support is provided by some kind of categories. There is three of them. The projects are submitted by applicants either from public or private sector: public projects, business investment projects and companies technological development projects, also research. In comparison with the EU financial support for the years 2004-2006, during the same period Lithuania received 895 million euros of support. Then, the European Union support for Lithuania during the period of 2007-2013 is bigger six times – 7.3 billion euros. Business in Lithuania and enterprises may apply for between 43,000 euros and 5.8 million euros support for developing their business ventures and projects. 3.3 billion euros for investment in Lithuania have been designated for the Operational Program for Economic Growth.

Europe funds

The average amount of Europe funds assistance can range from 1,500.00 to 870,000.00 EUR. It depends on in which EU program the company participates and what they are doing. Our immigration consultants will help you to begin your own business and find partners, what is also very important – we will assist to find the sphere where you can invest successfully.

Establishment of Company

As we always have companies (limited liability companies – JSC) that are ready for work, we just need to know what sum of money you are ready to invest and what you would like to do. From our existing list of companies you can choose the most suitable. Companies are in perfect financial past and already have a stamp, registration address, bank account, statutes and other necessary documents. So, if you need a company here and you do not have a lot of time for setting up a new enterprise, we will offer to purchase a registered EU company with which you can immediately begin operations. And if you already know what you would like to do and what type of business you want, just leave all the preparatory work for us! Our immigration consultants will promptly offer the best variant! We will arrange all the documents necessary for the establishment of the company from A to Z, meanwhile you will have an opportunity to solve more important business matters. We offer companies that are registered 1, 2 or 10 years ago, as well as companies operating with turnover.

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