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Development, Strategy, Projects

Business development is a part of any profit-making organization long-term strategy and the purpose that consisting from many interrelated components: investment, managerial decisions, internal and external communications and marketing. Business development services are usually related with the company’s market expansion and discovery of new markets, increased production and/or sales. The enterprise is expanding its business and conquering new markets by acquiring other companies or joining other companies or groups of companies, by purchase of a business, setting up subsidiaries or branches/representative offices in foreign countries or by implementing new investment projects. These aims often requires additional funding, properly and professionally prepared business plan, and sometimes licenses for new business activity. Thus, company’s business expanding within qualified business consultancy services rarely takes place without professional help.

Therefore, in order to help our customers to implement business development quickly and efficiently, legal service company specialists offer the following business consulting services:

  • Transaction structuring ;
  • Business integration services (union of an acquired business into the group of enterprises) ;
  • Transactions of business purchase and sale (business evaluation, contract preparation, contract review, project development) ;
  • Search and evaluation of financing alternatives (mediation with banks, absorption of EU funds, search for private investors and funds) ;
  • Holding companies (business services online on jurisdiction of a holding, tax optimization using foreign subsidiaries and local companies) ;
  • Business plan preparation and realization ;
  • Small business consulting services ;
  • Help in obtaining of business licenses ;
  • Registration of companies, their branches and representative offices in different countries ;
  • Market research services.

Here in Lithuania newly established or an already created companies and formations can take some kind of business services or other activities. In order to be able to do certain business. In this situation You may need to proof your additional skills and work place suitability, because insufficient level of expected performance of particular activities can create some dangers to human comfort of life and health, individual property, their rights and expected legitimate interests. Thus, business services, business plan preparation and licensing of certain activities aims at ensuring the necessary possession of additional skills and avoidance of hazards.

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Our ability to perform professional business services online and offline including business plan preparation and small business consulting services are result of our experienced and professional staff, that will consult and advise You about all business consulting services that includes licensing, permitting and other issues. Our company is willing to help you to prepare all necessary business licence services documents and assist you when submitting ready and prepared documents for required state authority. For food and catering companies there is ability to help in process of getting an activity permit and hygiene or sanitary passport.

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