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At the present time the business for sale (new or an already running) to many owners is not less important as the process of purchase. This is a crucial step that requires a lot of knowledge and acceptance of right decision in the process of concluding contracts to sell an ... own business. Therefore, in order to process the transaction for businesses for sale that went smoothly and safely, and having no problems nor face complications or troubles in the future we can offer our qualified aid. Our company specializes in the business establishment and management as well its development providing intermediary services in the sale of a new or an already running business. Our Services Of Practice: Mediation in business for sale (small business for sale or existing businesses); Advice to the pre-sale preparation of business; Evaluation of company sale-purchase contracts ; Determine the real cost of selling company price, regardless of its form of organization, previously formed authorized capital, the history of activity (e.g., depends on how long the company is already working), an importance of enterprise, and etc. ; Find potential buyers to sell the new one or an already running business; Aid in obtaining business licenses. When the process of pre-sale preparation of operating business, our specialists will check the legal purity of the company, consider the system of tax, accounting and management, the staff structure documentation of an enterprise, assess the sold business value. In addition, our specialists will check all the concluded agreements with partners, the company’s financial records, if necessary, prepare a plan of business for sale. That means the possibility to sell an enterprise to potential buyers and attract them by placing relevant information on the Internet and other mass media sources, and eventually grants full legal and researched documents for immediate implementation of the sale of the business. The main aim of our mediation – to provide soft and transparent interaction among buyers and sellers (business owners) and also achieve beneficial solution that will satisfy both sides. A long term of experience in practice of business establishment and its management as well as provision of legal and accounting services, assistance in obtaining a residence permit in the EU countries on the basis of professional activity allows to our specialists provide qualified services. Operative preparation of all the necessary documents relating the sale of new established or an already running companies, as well as the expansion of Your business with the establishment of trade representative office (branch) in Lithuania or in any other country of the European Union guarantees the achievement of most satisfying results. We will be glad to have a nice cooperation with you!