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An introduction to the employment cycle and how to go about recruiting new staff to Your company or organization. Read More…

Rent Staff

Rent staff, rent of employees, or temporary employment
Read More…

Opening Of Bank Accounts

Our experienced staff will consult you before choosing a bank, prepare the necessary documents, and assist you in the chosen bank. Read More…

Business Consulting

Business consulting and advice includes a wide range of related services. Read More…

Business Licenses and Permits

We offer to receive the Temporary Residence Permit on the basis of professional / legal activity (business) allowing you to live and work in Europe. Read More…

Virtual Office

Virtual office is a modern solution for a small business Read More…

Market Research

We offer services on market research, customers search and competition research. Read More…

Tax Consulting

We can offer suitable tax solutions to everyone who needs a qualified assistance. Read More…

Audit and Accounting Services

We provide accounting services. More than 10 years experience let us to do it at highest quality and in time. Read More…

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Services on Legal and Tax Issues In Estonia

Services on Legal and Tax Issues In Estonia

Everyone who is intend to start or expand an own business in Estonia knows that during the last decade Baltic Sea region is the fastest growing business area in Europe. The trade flow among the three Baltic states steadily increased. The tax system and structure in... read more
Market Research in Estonia Opportunities

Market Research in Estonia Opportunities

Demand for market research in desired country on business registration, investment or company set-up purposes has gained high popularity among the foreign business people and investors. They are interesting in establishing of an own business in order to  expand it in... read more


Competitor and Market Research

If you need to find competitors, providers, partners or just  to collect needful information for your business, order research!

Promotion of Your Goods and Services to the Customers

Let us assist you to make first steps for your business, and introduce your goods and services for local market.

Staff Rent

You do not have enough resources for personnel selection and administration? Let us do this job, by controlling all the process and preparing activity reports.



Assitance in Selling or Buying Business

We have requests about selling or buying businesses every day. Partial participation in business is also possible. Contact us to get best offer.


Did you know, that you can invest into existing business and get European Residence Permit also annual dividends by doing nothing?


Before applying to Business immigration agencies in Lithuania we were not sure which one of them is so competent in perfect way perform such difficult work for me. Now, I can bravely emphasize and say about BizBon.com specialists – they are really qualified  and I’ m satisfied for gave opportunity start business here!

Mithun Singh

I have got my TRP with the help of bizbon.com.
The bizbon.com team consulted me very well.
I am still communicate with these nice people, doesn‘t matter that my TRP was done, because they always ready to help and they are really good specialists in this field.
My close friend from India recommended me this company and I am very glad.
I would like the wish them good luck for their future and plans.
With best regards,

Adam Liddiard

I had found bizbon.com on a website.
I start to collaborate with the company and my TRP was done in a short time.
Can‘t beleive that TRP services can be so fast and smooth.
Bon.lt has done all procedures about my TRP in a high quality. They assist me in all departments.
May bon.lt grow by leeps and bounds.
Good Wishes

John Vasta