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Online Apotheke Tramadol Ohne Rezept We can help you to acquire a Sweden ready-made company and start your cheap soma overnight delivery own business in Sweden within 1 working day. We can help You to buy an established company in Sweden. It is the fastest and trustful way to start business in Sweden for citizens not from European Union. With a Limited Liability Company, you can start business in partnership with other colleagues or family members.

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source Other most popular alternative to start business in Sweden is Individual Company recommended for people from European Union and already having work experience in Sweden. This type of company is right for those who are planning to have a company as a way for self-employment, do not have SEK 50000 (~EUR 6000) for share capital and plan to have none or just few employees one  and low risk investments.


Starting Company Activities in Sweden

Tramadol Online Cod 180 In order to start legal activities, a company in Sweden has to be registered as a tax payer. Registration for tax payer has specific procedure under which the company’s business plan and owner’s experience to run business has to be presented and proved to the Tax institution. Sometimes, orders from Swedish clients or contracts have also to be provided.  We are providing this service by making analysis of the specific client situation and helping to arrange a business plan as well supporting in achievement of preliminary orders.

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Tramadol Canada Online Obtaining necessary Tax registrations:

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  • We will provide a contract to the Client (contract includes a request for information as required for the application to the tax authorities and information about basic budget).
  • We handle the application and follow-up questions from the Tax authorities.

How to Buy a Ready-Made Company in Sweden? We are offering to purchase ready-made companies in Sweden (in other words, business for sale in Sweden). If for some reasons the Client wants to buy a company with good history, turnovers in past years, then the Client can choose from our companies list. Or, we can find a company in Sweden which the Client needs. Our lawyers and accountants will check the company obligations and then the Client can decide to buy the company or not.

Tramadol Online Ireland After purchasing a company, the Client receives:

  • Certificate of company’s registration establishment and all final legal papers, proving his ownership including the following:
  • Registration certificate;
  • Approval for registered company name per choice of the buyer;
  • Registered company address in Sweden with post/email handling for the company in Växjö, Sweden;
  • Opened bank account for the company;
  • 1 board member. *According to the Swedish law, minimum 50% of board members have to be people from the European Union area. During opening period, the Swedish board member will be dedicated from us. Later, the Client can change board members. We can provide a Swedish board member as a service after individual discussion with the Client.

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