Starting a taxi business in Spain

You are looking for some new markets in Europe for opening a new business? You are interested in starting a taxi business in Spain but you don‘t know how to start and how to open a company for that? Or maybe you are looking for the running business for sale but you don‘t know what would be the cost for that? What is to do list for the successful opening of the new company in Spain?

Starting a taxi business or setting up any new business can be quite easy and fast if your choose the right partners for that. We have many years of experience in providing a professional consultancy about how to open a new company, how to start the registration process of the new company. Also, we are preparing special offers to our clients if they prefer to buy an already established company – for your own convenience we can offer you a running business for sale (with turnover, employees etc.), the company with no activity or the company with the terminated activity. Cost of the company depends on what type and size of the company you choose to buy.

Why do we offer you starting a taxi business in Spain? Spain is a very attractive country for both – visitors and foreign investments. Tourism in Spain is well-developed, thousands of visitors from many foreign countries are coming to Spain for various reasons – from business purposes to sightseeing, shopping and leisure purposes. Spain is among the other big countries (like Germany and France) that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Therefore, starting a taxi business in Spain would be a great idea. What you need to know more about Spain?

  • Spain is one of the biggest member in the European Union and this also affects the flow of the tourists to this country.
  • The country has a very good geographic location and enjoyable climate for setting up any business. Spain has numerous airports and seaports with the access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Moreover, Spanish Government offers various incentives and policies for setting up a new business or developing the existing one.
  • Also, Spain is very attractive for opening a new business (like starting a taxi business) due to relatively low labour and transport costs.
  • It is worth mentioning that there are many attractive cities for the foreign investments – from the capital Madrid, Barcelona to Las Palmas, Valencia, Alicante. The biggest difference of setting up a company in Madrid, Barcelona or Las Palmas, Valencia and Alicante is the different flow of tourists. If you are thinking about starting a taxi business in the biggest cities like Madrid and Barcelona, you can expect that the demand of taxi services will be quite the same through all the year. But if you are thinking about Alicante of Valencia for opening a taxi business, it is more likely that the demand will be higher during the high season.
  • If you are thinking about setting up a company in Spain, the registration process of the new company will be quite fast and easy. If you decide to start it by yourself, then it is likely that the whole process will be less cost saving of your time and money.

So, if you have already decided that opening a new business in Spain is interesting for you as the great business opportunity, do not hesitate to contact our office first. We will help you to prepare a to do list for the successful establishment of the new company. We are ready to share our best knowledge and experience with you! blonde milf