Starting a hotel in Spain

Would you like to buy a company in Spain for starting a hotel business? Maybe you are interested in the running business for sale with employees, turnover and good reputation? Or maybe you are interested in starting a hotel in Spain but you don‘t know how to open a company for that? How to start the registration process of the company? Starting a hotel business can be much easier if you choose the right partner for that!

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Our office is ready to help you in opening a new business in Spain. Setting up a hotel business in Spain can be quite easy, fast and cost saving if you choose the right partner for that. What you need to know about setting up a business in Spain? Spain is very attractive for foreign investments due to:

  • The country is very popular tourism destination due to the good geographical location and climate. Many entrepreneurs tend to choose setting up a hotel business in this country because thousands of visitors are coming to Spain for various reasons – business purposes, sightseeing, shopping and leisure purposes.
  • Spain is one of the biggest country – member in the European Union. This gives a free movement of goods, services and people.
  • Spain has more than Madrid that is very attractive for setting up a hotel business. Barcelona or other – resort cities like Las Palmas, Valencia or Alicante are also very attractive for opening a new hotel.
  • Opening a new hotel in Spain is also very attractive because you will probably will not face any language barrier. Most of the hotel visitors would be travelers from the foreign countries, so, they typically speak English.
  • For setting up a hotel business in Spain, Spanish Government can offer you various of incentives and policies. Also, opening a hotel business in Spain is very attractive due to relatively low labour costs and easy registration process of the new company.

Some information for to do list for starting a hotel in Spain:

  • For opening a hotel business in Spain you will need to obtain a hotel license fromt the Regional Tourism Authorities.
  • Hotels that have a restaurant of cafe within their premises wil also have to obtain a special food handling license.
  • Also, if you want to build a hotel instead of buying a hotel, you will have to have a building plan and (or) project approved by the local authorities.

As you can see, starting a hotel in Spain is a great idea but you will definitely face many questions through all the process – from how to start the business, how to open a company for that to what is to do list before starting the whole documentation process. Our professional team is ready to answer these and much more questions related to starting a hotel business. We are providing a professional consultancy to the clients from various foreign countries for many years and making for them special offer if they are willing to buy a company for doing business. The companies that we can offer are from a running business for sale to the company with the terminated activity or with no activity. Cost of the company depends on the type and size of the company that you choose.

So, if are already interested in starting a hotel business in Spain, do not hesitate to contact our office now! blonde milf