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Spain market research
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Spain market research

Being one of local market research provider in Spain, the company BizBon provides a full range of market research services in Spain. Our market research staff in Spain perform all kinds of market analysis and market research intelligence on Spanish market, beginning the development plan of market research to data on market analysis, reviews and presentation of market investigation in Spain.

Our market research company provides quantitative and qualitative market research solutions to business clients from a range of industry sectors investigating business opportunities in Spain. It is useful to explore a new market for many entrepreneurs  where they are planning to expand their business. We combine research insights with our business experience to deliver practical strategic advice and solutions for our client needs.  Our company provides clients with the unique information they need to stay ahead of competition in today’s fast paced business environment and assist our clients in fulfilling their strategic purposes.

Spanish Market

Having of the largest economies in the world, Spain is a modern knowledge-based economy with ideal geographic positioning, but whether starting a business or expanding operations, navigating the complex market can be arduous without local help on board.

Foreign investors are drawn to Spain not only for its strong domestic market – which boasts considerable purchasing power – but also for the possibility of operating in third-country markets using Spain as a base. Courtesy of its privileged geostrategic position – it belongs to the European Union and is the gateway to North Africa and Latin America – Spain is an ideal spot for growing businesses internationally, and is now the seventh-largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the world.

That is why foreign investment is growing in Spain. Before entering the Spanish market, investors often do market research in order to evaluate business opportunities and prospective in the Spanish market. Some clients want to set a price for a certain service in Spain that the client is going to provide; other clients want to know how many competitors it has in Spain and what their prices are etc. We can implement a comprehensive Spanish market analysis and refer to a full database of Spanish companies. Usually, a well planned research takes from 2 weeks to 1 month. Usually, we discuss the price and other conditions of a particular service with the Client on a case by case basis. So, we ensure that the research solutions for business opportunities in Spain provided by us are tailor-made to meet clients’ business objectives by critically analyzing the information input. Our elaborate scoping methodologies enable us to provide solutions that are specific to the organization and not generic to the industry. Our agency is providing the following market research services:

    • Behaviour recognition and analysis;
    • Customer experience studies;
    • Satisfaction studies;
    • Loyalty analysis;
    • Customer service quality studies;
    • Target groups analysis;
    • Market segmentation;
    • Concept tests;
    • Product tests;
    • Price tests;
    • Functionality tests;
    • Taste tests;
    • Marketing communication studies;
    • Advertising tests;
    • Packaging tests;
    • Image studies;
    • Brand analysis;
    • Distribution channels analysis;
    • B2B market studies;
    • B2C market studies;
    • Opinion polls;
    • Employee satisfaction surveys.

High Competence of Consultants

As our market research company a lot of useful information about Spanish and European market, and more than 10 years of experience, such research will not be waste of money and is  a very useful and interesting reinforcement of your knowledge base. Our agency offering business advisory and Spanish market research services only of the highest quality. We are taking  full responsibility for our performed work. Our team of researchers, analysts and consultants is not afraid of any challenge. We believe in the power of our research model – customization of our approach to the individual needs of our client, their business challenge, the industry, the region, and the project as a whole. We want to inspire our clients and show them what else they can do to improve your business results. We have insured our business liability, so if you incur any damage because of our fault, we will compensate it definitely.

Our market research in Spain advantages:

      • Speed and exactness of market research services in Spain;
      • Comprehensive analysis, presentations and reviews;
      • One the most qualified Market Research professionals in Spain work with unique tasks (attracting necessary specialists from other companies);
      • Innovated market research technologies in Spain;
      • Friendly work-team as a market research staff in Spain;
      • Customers consulting accompaniment as a Market Research Outsourcing Spain;
      • International market research partner network in European countries;
      • State of the experienced and skilled marketing specialist and other market research regional resources in Spain;
      • Consulting group of industry-focused market research experts in Spain with large work market research experience in Spain in different business fields;
      • Market research partnership with other market research agencies from other European countries.

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