Company registration in Alicante

You are higly interested in new markets but you have plenty of questions about starting business abroad? You are thinking about new company registration in Spain? You want to buy an already established company, like running business for sale? Or you want to open business from zero?

We would like to help you to answer all these and much more questions related to company registration in such a country like Spain. Our office may provide you some good consultancy about what business to start abroad, how to start all the documentation process, also, we are ready to help you to open business from zero or we may offer you an already established business to buy (like a running business for sale).

Country like Spain is very attractive for the foreign investors for starting a new business due to some reasons:

  • Despite the fact that the country has went through the economic downturn during the financial crisis ten years ago, today the country is going through a solid and manageable GDP growth. Generally, all the economic signals of Spain are positive, therefore, it is a good time for the foreign investors who are looking for new markets to invest.
  • Spain is a very important member of European Union. In addition to that, the country has a good location with well-established trading links to other countries in Europe, proximity to North Africa and gateway to South America. So, if you decide to open business in Spain, these two features may offer you even wider markets.
  • Spain is one of the most popular for business and leisure tourism, therefore, the country is ready to offer for you and your business a great climate.
  • The country is open for various kinds of business – from small business to large companies, from manufacturing company to the company that provides some kind of service. The most popular industries for doing business or for starting a new business are garment and footwear businesses, food and beverages, metals and metal manufactures, chemicals, shipbuilding, automobiles businesses. Spain is also very popular for its tourism sector. In addition to the variety of sectors, Spanish government actively supports small business sector generally.

    All the above mentioned features create good environment for new business to start. Also, it is worth mentioning that the most attractive cities for the business opportunities are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante. If you want to open business in Spain, we would advice you to think about these cities first.

Business environment in Alicante

You are already interested in doing business in Alicante? But you do not know how to start company registration process? Our professional team is ready to share our knowledge and experience about business opportunities in Alicante. Also, we are ready to provide the consultancy to all your questions about how to open business in Alicante – how to start the whole documentation process, how to choose the best company according to your needs, etc.

Alicante can be named as the city with many opportunities to you and your business. First of all, this city is one of most developing cities in Spain. For many years its economy was based on tourism and real estate industries. Even though that the global recession in 2008 has slowed down the speed, Alicante is still attractive for its well developed tourism sector, agriculture, wine production. Various kind of services also pay a key role in the economy of Alicante.

Beforing starting you own business in Alicante, there are some key information about the city that we think you should know:

    • Alicante‘s provincial economy is strong and takes the fourht place as the Spain‘s largest province in terms of GDP and number of inhabitants.
    • Alicante is popular for organizing various kinds of congresses, conventions, conferences and meetings for business.
    • The city has headquarters for one of the offices of the European Union.
    • The city is full of multifaceted entertainment and cultural objects to see, therefore, it attracts many travelers throughout the year. In addition to that, Alicante is the home city for one of the largest film studio in all Europe (Ciudad de la Luz), where many Spanish and international films have been shot in this studio.
    • The city offers for the business travelers and tourists a good transportation system. The airport has connections to many cities in Europe and to other part of Spain. Bus station and central station offer daily connections to other big cities in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville. And by using bus service you can reach almost every part of Spain.
    • Alicante is also very attractive for its mild winter temperatures, hot summers and little rain. Therefore, its climate and location (Alicante is located at the coast of Mediterranean sea) attract many travelers during the whole year and gives lots of opportunities for doing various kind of business – from small business to international companies.

    To the above mentioned benefits for doing business in Alicante, this city may offer much more opportunities for the ones who are starting business or already has the business.

    If you are already interested in company formation in this city, we are ready to help you with all the documentation for setting up business in Alicante. The process and documentation of starting a business in other country may cost you a lot of time and money, therefore, our aim is to ease and simplify the whole process for you – from consulting to what is the best business to start in such country as Spain to the actual company registration. We are also willing to share our best knowledge and experience about the best business opportunities, also to provide consultancy about what is the best business for you to buy – from running business for sale to the company with no activities or the company that has terminated its activity in the past due to some reasons. Also, if you are interested in company formation from zero, we are also ready to help you with all the process and documentation from the very beginning. Cost of the company is also related to the type and size of the company that you are choosing to buy.

    If you are ready to discover new markets or you have some more questions about the company formation in Alicante, do not hesitate to contact our office right now! blonde milf