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Starting a food business in Poland

If you are looking for new business opportunities in Europe, Poland is one of the most attractive country for that. Especially if you are thinking about starting a food business. Setting up a new business in Poland will offer you a wide market with millions of potential customers. So, starting a food business in Poland would be definitely a great business opportunity for that.

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You are already thinking about opening a company in Poland but you don‘t know how to start the registration process and how to open a company? You are looking for a certain company to buy? You would like to prepare a to do list before the company registration process? You would like to know more about starting a food business in Poland?

Setting up a food business in Poland is very attractive for the foreign investments due to some reasons. Here are some key facts – what you need to know before opening business in Poland:

  • If you are thinking about opening a fast food business, restaurant or food truck, it is quite easy for the foreigners to do that. Starting a food business in Poland is quite easy because there are no special restrictions for the foreigners for that but you will need to get special permits and licenses.
  • For setting up a food business in Poland, not only Warsaw has good business environment. Other cities like Wroclaw is also a good place for starting a food business because this city is the largest one in western Poland and it attracts many locals and tourists. Other good cities for opening a new business are Krakow, Poznan, Tri-City, Katowice, Szczecin, Lodz and Lublin.
  • Poland is the sixth largest economy in Poland, therefore, by setting up a new business in this country, you will get a great chance to reach a big market with millions of potential customers.
  • Moreover, the country belongs to the European Union and the movement of goods and services is free, with less documentation and procedures. So, you will be able to reach even wider markets because Poland has borders with Czech Republic and Slovakia, also Lithuania. The country has also borders wih Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Poland has numerous of seaports and airports.
  • Also, it is worth mentioning that Poland has a well-developed agriculture sector. More than half of the total area of the country is used for agriculture purposes, like orchards, meadows, pastures and crop cultivation. Setting up a food business in Poland may be a good opportunity to use this industry.

If you have already decided that setting up a company in Poland is a good idea, our professional team is ready to share some professional consultancy about how to start business in Poland from the very beginning, how to open a new company from zero or what would be the best company for you to buy if you decide to buy an already established company. An already established company can be a running business for sale, the company with no activity or the company with terminated activity. The cost of the company also depends on what company you choose to buy. A running business for sale is more valuable in that sense that usually it has certain turnover, employees, a good reputation etc. Starting a food business in Poland can be quite easy and fast because we are ready to help you from the very beginning – we will help you to make even a „to do list“ about the things that are very important before opening business in Poland and we will prepare a special offer if you decide to buy a company. The offer would include a short description of the company that we are selling and the total cost for it. Starting a food business in Poland will be smooth if you transfer all the process to the professionals‘ hands!

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