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Company registration in Warsaw

You are highly interested in doing business in Warsaw? You want to find out how to start business in Warsaw? Looking for the company registration information? Or you don‘t know what business to start but still you want to open business in Warsaw?

Setting up business in Warsaw might be quite simple and fast if you transfer all the process to our hands. We are always ready to provide the best consultancy to our clients on many questions – from what are the business opportunities in Warsaw, how to start the company formation process, what you need to know about doing business in Warsaw, how to buy an already established company (i.e. like business for sale) or how to open a business in Warsaw from zero.

Today many enterpreneurs are looking for new good business opportunities – not only expanding business in their own country but also looking for opportunities in the foreign markets. It might be caused by some reasons – from cost saving (i.e. by optimizing taxes in EU country) to entering new markets (access to wider markets – customers). Therefore, no matter if you are thinking about having a small business or expanding an existing one – it would be advisable to think about company registration in Warsaw.

Poland with its capital Warsaw is very attractive for the company registration due to some reasons:

  • Poland is the sixth biggest economy in Europe.
  • It is the largest country of the latest EU members.
  • The country enjoys the interrupted growth of economy since 1992.

If you are interested in company formation in Warsaw, you might be probably interested in benefits involved. Poland with its capital Warsaw has quite a lot of benefits for your business environment:

      • The country has a great geographical location. As the location of the country is very important when doing business, Poland is positioned in the heart of Europe. Moreover, it borders with many EU members: Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania and some Eastern European countries like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Therefore, your business will have a great access to more than 250 million potential consumers within a 1000 km range. In addition to that, Poland has an access to the Baltic sea, therefore, the country is even more open from the business perspectives.
      • Even though that the country has a great access and borders to the other EU and non-EU markets, in addition to that, the country is rich with its internal large selling market as well. With approx. 38 million of citizens, Poland is the sixth largest country in EU (in terms of population). Also, one third of the total population of new EU members lives in Poland. It means that there is an enormous domestic market for all kinds of business – from small business to international companies, from production (manufacturing) to the certain type of service.
      • Poland and especially Warsaw has a great education system that produces good specialists with high skills and knowledge in many areas. The students who graduate from Polish universities are more than capable of working in international companies and various institutions. And as you probably know, country‘s workforce is one of the main aspects for the enterpreneurs and the whole country economy.
      • Supportive business environment. A support from government is very important for starting business in foreign countries. Polish government supports foreign investments and new business, so, it has introduced several reforms for cost saving, mainly to lower the taxes for business.
      • Friendly and attractive business environment. Starting a new business in foreign country allows exploring new places and meeting new people. Warsaw is famous due to its friendly people and magnificient surroundings. The city stands on the Vistula River, that is roughly 260 kilometres from the Baltic sea. Warsawa is very often described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and even once it was described as Paris of the East. Also, the city is one of the most dynamic metropolitan cities in Europe and in 2017 the city has been ranked the 4th place in the „Business-friendly“ category and the 8th place in „Human capital and life style“ category.

    Due to the above mentioned advantages, Warsaw is obviously one of the most attractive cities and capitals for doing business in Europe. All the above mentioned advantages definitely create opportunities for starting your own business in Warsaw. By starting your business in this city it may definitely create a solid value to your existing business as well.

Business environment in Warsaw

Warsaw is the largest city and business centre of Poland. Warsaw is one of the fastest developing cities in EU – the city is full of headquarters of many banks and many other worldwide known international companies. It has an extraordinarily dynamic stock exchange, and immense scientific and academic centre. Warsaw belongs to Mazovia historical region which is the one of the most dinamically developing regions in Poland and in Central-Eastern Europe. The region produces around 20% of the national income and attracts 30% of all foreign investment. Region‘s industrial potential together with well developed telecommunication infrastructure, agricultural capacity and very productive human resources, create an unlimited perspective and fast returns of the investments. Warsaw has one of the lowest uneployment rate in the whole country – it amounted to 3,4% in year 2016.

Before starting a business in Warsaw, it is very important to identify and decide the best industries for your company registration. Also, it is very important to decide if you want to buy an already running business (i.e. business for sale) or open business from zero with your preferred company name and the whole package of documentation. Our team is always ready to give you some good advice on what business to start, what company is the best for you to buy, what you need to know before starting company formation process, etc.

Especially Warsaw is full of business opportunities if you want to open a business that is related to agriculture, automotive, various business service, gas, IT and financial services. These sectors play the key role in all Polish economy:

Agriculture. Around 11,6% of total number of employees work in agriculture sector and contributes about 3% of total Poland‘s GDP. It is the fourth biggest sector in the country, moreover, this sector places Poland as the sixth food producer in the EU. Poland produces various kinds of fruits and vegetables, sugar beet, cereals, meat, milk production, etc. In the poultry segment, Poland is the biggest and most cost-effective producer in the EU.

Automotive is one of the key branches of the Polish economy due to the significance of the labor market. In 2015 Poland was ranked as the 8th largest car manufacturer in EU.

Business services consist of BPO, IT, SSC and R&D companies and it is one of the fastest developing sector in the country. As many capital cities in Erope, Warsaw beenefits from the global trend of centralization of back office functions to the foreign countries. During the last few years, this sector became one of the largest employers in the country.

Gas sector. Like most of the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) regions, Poland relies on a single gas supplier (Russia) for the majority of its natural gas import. But the country is about the reorientation and modernization of the country‘s transmission system that will completely change the gas landscape in Poland. These projects are: the Northern gate, cross-border interconnectors, domestic infrastructure. Together with these changes, there comes new opportunities for your business.

To the above mentioned industries, Warsaw and the whole country Poland is rich with many various business perspectives, from IT to hospitality and tourism sectors. The country is very attractive to open business in various sectors because every business can find its own client. So, you are always welcome to enter new markets with any business idea – from a manufacturing company to the business service company.

And our professional team is always ready to help you if you want to open business in Warsaw or in any other city in Poland, no matter if you want to establish a new company with your preferred company name or you want to buy a running business for sale. Our aim is to ensure the best service for our clients!