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What is the climate for doing business in Poland today?
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What is the climate for doing business in Poland today?

Poland is a very good place to start a business. Foreign companies find the growth potential, availability of competent local staff and productivity among the workforce as some of the most attractive aspects for doing business in Poland. The foreigner‘s motivation to start a business in Poland is based on well developed infrastructure, strategic location and positive expectations for development of the economy, as well as profitability of local market and easiness to register a company.

The Polish market is not yet mature, so there are many opportunities for doing business in Poland. Big potential, good geographical location, large population, good purchasing power of local people ensure good climate for doing business in Poland today.

One of the biggest domestic markets in Europe with an efficient workforce – doing business in Poland means working with a leader in cost-effectiveness and business friendliness. For the last 27 years, Poland has experienced only growth in terms of GDP. This remarkable achievement has not been missed by investors and Poland has increased the level of confidence and stability.

The climate for doing business in Poland today is considered one of the best in Europe. It is well known in the business world that an investment in Poland means access to a broad market and highly skilled staff. Due to favorable climate for doing business in Poland more and more companies invest capital here.

Poland has been a leader in attracting investors. Almost 20,000 jobs have been created during the last 27 years, and Poland has reached a high position in the ranking of all European countries perceived as one the best places to start a business.

So, the possibility to start a business in Poland becomes all the more appealing when you consider its favorable location, next to Germany and as a gateway to southeastern Europe and Russian Federation. Meanwhile, the government does its best to ensure the continued growth of the Polish economy and improving the climate for doing business in Poland.

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