Benefits of doing business in Poland
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Benefits of doing business in Poland

The economic development of Poland offers many opportunities to start a new business. By doing business in Poland investors can access subsidies and tax allowances. The important benefit of doing business in Poland is that the Polish government encourages foreign investments with Double Tax Treaties and by offering a wide range of incentives for entrepreneurs who decide to come from abroad and start a business in Poland.

Doing business in Poland is useful because the country belongs to EU. The country is located at the very heart of Europe and it borders the other EU members and the Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia).

The benefit of doing business in Poland is a transparent legal system, a developed and stable financial system. Moreover, Poland has the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe and the sixth largest economy in European Union.

If you are planning to start a business in Poland please note that approximately 60 percent of investments are made outside Warsaw. It shows that the country is attractive for doing business in Poland not only because of its capital Warsaw.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of doing business in Poland, to start a business in Poland by founding a new company or acquisition of an already established company is very fast and the process is simple because it does not require much money and time. Moreover, you will probably not face any language barrier since many people in Poland are fluent in other foreign languages like English.

Without the above-mentioned benefits of doing business in Poland, there might be many questions why do business in Poland, how to do this and what are the legal aspects of this process that you should know. So, besides the benefits of having a business in Poland that you are already familiar with, you should find out information on how does the process for starting business looks like.

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