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http://wdgconsulting.com/apple-touch-icon-120x120.png Restaurant business is the field of business that in all the world attracts various of enterpreneaurs. In Lithuania restaurants and cafes are usually established by the experienced former bartenders, waiters or chefs. But also it is a very attractive sector for the foreign investors. Lots of enterpreneaurs from various countries – from Ireland to India see Lithuania as ant attractive market for starting restaurant business – opening a restaurant or a cafe.


source url Restaurant business in Lithuania is attractive due to some reasons:

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    • Lithuania is a member of the European Union, therefore, thousands of tourists during the year are coming for various reasons – for business purposes, travelling, shopping, etc. According to the accommodation statistics, most of the foreigners come from countries like Belarus, Poland, Russia, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, UK, USA, Scandinavian countries, Italy, Spain and some other.
    • Lithuania is very attractive for setting up a restaurant because people in Lithuania are very interested in exploring new places and flavors. Even though there are plenty of places with different kinds of food – like Chinese, Japanese, Indian, American, Russian cusines, Thai Food, etc., every new restaurant or cafe will find its client. Also, people in Lithuania also like small and cozy places – from food to go to small cafes with coffee and cakes.
    • A well-developed infrastructure of the country and its biggest cities also makes the business much easier. Especially all the biggest cities in the country (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda) has various of opportunities for reaching one or another place in the city – from the bus, trolley bus to quite cheap taxi services or even an opportunity to rent a bicycle (in Vilnius), therefore, no traffic jam can be seen.
    • Lithuania has a great business environment for opening a restaurant or a cafe – the country has almost the lowest taxes in all the EU, registration process of the new company is quite fast and simple. If you decide to buy an already established company (like a running business for sale), it also does not require much money and time comparing to the other countries. Cost of the company depends on the company type that you are going to buy but no matter what company you decide to buy or establish a company from zero, it is definitely worth considering to handover the whole process to the professionals‘ hands. Setting up a company in the foreign country can be simplified by choosing the right partners for that.

http://pipingatforres.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?format=xml Before starting restaurant business in Lithuania, there might be many questions about how to start it, how to open a new company or how to buy an already established company for doing business in the restaurant field, also what is to do list before starting the whole process or what you need to know about starting a business in Lithuania. There are some key moments that you should know before starting the company registration process and before opening the restaurant:

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    • The most attractive cities for setting up a new business, especially when talking about restaurant business, are Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. Opening a new place in one of these cities guarantees a certain flow ot the visitors – from the locals to travelers.
    • Before starting the process, you should first decide what kind of company is the most suitable for you: if you want to start the company from zero (i.e. if you prefer to have a certain company name) or you want to buy an already established company (you can choose a running business for sale, the company that has no activity or the company with a terminated activity). The cost of the company also depends on that.
    • Also there is no need to come to our office physically, for your own convenience we will prepare all the documentation for your company registration with the scanned documents. Opening a restaurant – at least starting the process can be as simple as that!
    • source site So, if you are highly interested or even doubting about having a restaurant business in Lithuania, we would recommend to contact our office first. We will help you to prepare a to do list in order to start your business smoothly, also, we would like to share our best experience and knowledge in the process of setting up a new business in Lithuania. Moreover, our team of professionals is ready to answer all your questions about how to start the documentation process or how to open a certain restaurant. Setting up a new business in the foreign country might be a great opportunity to implement your great ideas!

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