Company Registration in Czech Republic

Our company is able to provide legal assistance  to You by establishing, registering and selling the new one or ready-made company in the Czech Republic, even if You are not at that moment  in the Czech Republic.. Such assistance will help You to save time and money. We will start to prepare all the necessary documents for new company establishment and registration or ready-made company in Czech Republic  immediately after the client orders our services.

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Ready-made company in Czech Republic
Purchase a Czech ready-made company and start Your own business without any restrictions in the Czech Republic within a shortest minimum period. By using our services You may become an owner of ready-made at a soonest time and start do business activity in Czech Republic as well as in other European countries belonging to EU and the Schengen Agreement.
After the decision to purchase Czech ready-made company You should have to inform us about desired name that selected from a list of enterprises You wish to buy as well as also inform about planning business activity in a short description mode. You also obliged to purchase a virtual office address. After more or less of 6 weeks period You may become a new owner of a company within the business license and Czech corporate bank account.
New company registration in the Czech Republic
All the necessary document preparation regards our legal assistance of a new company establishment and registration. You may apply directly to us in order to get professional consulting and advice on Your own business registration in the Czech Republic.
The most popular type of an enterprise is a limited liability company that can be established by individuals or legal persons. Number of such company founders is not limited as well as such company shareholders. To establish and register a new limited liability company in Czech Republic may take about 4-6 weeks. For the beginners and already experienced business persons wishing to purchase a new registered enterprise company registration address in Czech Republic is mandatory. Usually Czech company sale-purchase process is managed in the national notary offices.

In order to establish and register a company in Czech Republic is necessary :

  1. Company name and registration address;
  2. Personal and contact data of company shareholders;
  3. Business nature, areas of activity (short description);
  4. Shareholders’ obligations and rights , number of shares;
  5. Registered share capital, investment amount of a company;
  6. Number of directors and their type of activity in a company;
  7. To indicate all the internal institutions of the company (director, council, and etc.);
  8. Company activity is regulated by the Czech laws that allows all the activities that not contrary to national legal acts. blonde milf