Residence Permit in Europe

We offer to receive the temporary residence permit on the basis of professional/legal activity (business) allowing You to live and work in Lithuania and thus freely move through the Schengen area countries.

Our company specialists may help You to prepare all the necessary documents to get residence permit in Lithuania on the grounds of legal activity (business).

We provide a residence permit services in these countries:

Lithuania Temporary Residence Permit

Spain, Tenerife Residence Permit

Poland Temporary Residence Permit

Temporary Residence Permit in Latvia

Denmark temporary residence permit

Sweden temporary residence permit

Czech Republic Residence Permit

In order to get permanent resident, before starting the procedure you need to have a company: register the new one or purchase an existing. After becoming a Lithuanian company owner, you have to employ at least three Lithuanian Republic citizens, or foreign citizens that have permanent residence of Lithuania for full working time. The business company during the previous six months prior submitting an application form for temporary residence permit has to be already running. After preparation and submission of documents on the basis of business registration. There will be issued the decision on temporary residence permit for one year you will be able to learn during the 4 months or faster. Migration Department of Lithuania then will issue You a temporary residence permit for one year on the grounds of business activity in Lithuania Republic.

At the end of that period (at least, two months before the end of the current temporary resident permit) You are required to contact and refer to the Migration Department of Lithuania for the renewal and extension of an already existing temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit card.

Possibility to bring Your Family To Schengen Area – there is condition: if the wife and husband are Company’s shareholders and employees, their under-age children as a result gets temporary residence permit of Lithuania.

Need to know: If company’s owner and as a shareholder is only one of the parents only, the he/she will be able to invite and bring his/her family after period of two years.

Lithuanian Permanent Residence Permit – the specialty of Lithuanian permanent residence is that aim to get a permanent residence here, You can’t live in Europe, because are required to live in Lithuania for at least five years with temporary residence permit. The pretender of permanent residence permit who has such a permit, pay  state taxes, and passes the exam of Lithuanian language and State Constitution knowledge. After that permanent residence permit will be issued with a period of five years. At the termination of this period (from a total of ten years), then, there is possibility to get a citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania.

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