Polish Ministry of Finance within the KSR releases local accounting references which are additional management to the Accounting Act of Poland. Enterprises that don’t have to apply IFRSs in drawing up their financial declarations can freely adopt the references released by the KSR. If a specific bookkeeping item is not regulated in the Accounting Act of Poland or in the KSR references, enterprises have to operate management from IFRSs. Nevertheless, if an enterprise defines to pursue KSR references, applying IFRS management is prohibited when a specific bookkeeping item is adjusted under the Accounting Act of Poland or the local accounting standards. At present there is a corresponding number of local accounting references : income tax, cash flow, construction contracts, asset harm, rental agreements, contingent liabilities and articles, changes in bookkeeping areas, correction of errors, changes in estimates after balance sheet date.

Most enterprises that provides accounting services in Poland usually apply these main areas of expertise in practice – retaining your Company’s accounts (company must have registered in territory of Poland), filing of accounts with the Tax Authorities in Poland, reviewing accounts VAT registration in Poland, payroll administration, consulting on Polish tax issues, audit, analysis of company financial indicators and presentation of conclusions.

Business establishment in Poland is also a constituent in practice of most business consulting companies that provides accounting services in addition. Enterprise formation in Poland and following services such as aid in opening of bank accounts, granting a registered address for office, company shareholder structure and etc.

Accounting services no matter in what country it could be is a rational and right solution to your business. Using such services you save lots of time and cash, properly plan your agenda knowing that hired accounting company handle all financial matters of your company.