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Business culture in Lithuania

If you are planning to start a business in Lithuania it is worth to know the main rules of business etiquette in Lithuania.

In general, business culture in Lithuania is similar to that in the rest of Europe: a handshake before and after a meeting is in compliance with business etiquette. After shaking hands at the start of the meeting, it is usual practice to exchange business cards. In Lithuania, business is quite hierarchical. The most senior participant will probably determine the pace at which the meeting proceeds. Thus, it is essential to observe the rules, so as not to breach the level of business etiquette in Lithuania. Although business etiquette in Lithuania in private companies is less formal, it is still important to adopt a formal approach to government officials.

If doing business in Lithuania, it is worth to know that the acceptable dress for a business meeting is a business suit for men and women. Most of those who is doing business in Lithuania have a good command of English. However, sometimes the presence of an interpreter can help a business meeting to progress. At meetings, coffee, tea, water, soft drinks are usually offered.

If you have started your business in Lithuania, you should remember that Lithuanians do not like long meetings and expect the partner to be well prepared for a meeting with all the relevant information available immediately. The partner is expected to be ready to answer questions, directly after the presentation.

The business culture in Lithuania accepts gifts for business meetings. These can be items for the office, pens with your company logo etc. Thus, it is good to have a small corporate gift that can be given in return.

After the formal close of the meeting, you are likely to be invited to take part in some form of entertainment activity during the evening. You should not decline this invitation if you are doing business in Lithuania. This will give you an opportunity to know better the company of your partners and close relationship is often very important in doing business in Lithuania.

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