Company registration
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Company registration in Spain

Before the incorporation of a company in the Spanish Republic, the foreigners as well as living permanently having the interest (the establishment of the company, the purchase of real estate and other activity) in Spain, must obtain an identification number NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero).

The private limited company is the most popular form of the company in the Kingdom of Spain used for carrying out most of the activities. The procedure of opening the company begins with checking by the state competent authority whether the selected name of the company meets the requirements. The company will acquire company tax payer identification number (C.I.F) at the tax office. The incorporation of the company requires a minimum share capital of 3,000 euros. Founders have to open a bank account and 3000 euros to be paid to the bank account as share capital. Before going to the bank and the notary office, the business plan of a newly established company has to be created to establish what activity (number of planed jobs, amount of money to be invested in the business) the founders will carry out and the company’s articles of association has to be prepared. After all of the said steps, it is necessary to go to a notary to notarize all documents (articles of association, various forms, shareholders’ resolutions, and so on.). After all company documents are notarized, the company is registered in the National Register of Companies. If all documents are consistent with the requirements, the registration of a new company takes about 40 calendar days.

All major decisions are taken by the general meeting of shareholders where the Director who supervises the compliance with the Articles of Association is appointed.

After the company begins its activity it is necessary to prepare all the documents required for the general meeting of shareholders, to adopt decisions concerning the company’s activities and internal procedures and concerning representation the company in relation to other companies or legal entities.

Necessary documents:

  1. Passport
  2. In case of the company incorporation in the name of a client – power of attorney;
  3. Official documents must be legalized or with apostils.

Our services when incorporating a company:

  1. Registration of the name of a newly registered company;
  2. Preparation of the articles of association;
  3. Preparation of documents necessary to obtain the taxpayer code;
  4. Assistance in preparing a business plan;
  5. Assistance in opening a bank account (a person must come personally to open a bank account);
  6. Preparation of all necessary documents to be certified by a notary;
  7. Virtual address (if necessary);
  8. Accompanying of a client to various institutions;
  9. If necessary, representation in the institutions by power of attorney (with the exception of opening a bank account, in this case, the person performing this action has to come personally to the bank).

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