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Buy established company in Poland
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Buy a ready-made company in Poland

Poland is starting to gain traction in getting foreign investments. Poland is one of the top ten most attractive places for investments. With outstanding tech talent and more value for your money, opening your business in Poland is more attractive than ever.

Ready-made or shelf companies in Poland are legal entities that have been incorporated but have not yet performed any commercial activities. They can be purchased by foreign investors who want to shorten the time for company incorporation. This is a preferred method for starting a business in Poland because the business activities can be commenced right away.

The readymade company can also be used to purchase real estate or apply for certain licenses and credits. Owners who will want to change the Polish company structure after purchasing a ready-made company will still have to register the changes with the Polish Trade Registry.

The advantages of a shelf company in Poland

Ready-made companies in Poland are an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want to acquire the company and start business immediately after purchase, in this case it is not necessary to wait until all new company formation procedure is complete. There are several advantages of buying a ready-made company in Poland. First of all, it is a cost-effective solution allowing you to save time and start operations immediately after you become its owners.

Each investor willing to set up a company is aware that time is money and any entrepreneur who has a good idea for a business must begin to implement it as soon as possible. As the procedure of setting up a company from the beginning requires more time and effort, a Polish ready-made company is a useful choice. For example, the registration of a new company can take up to four weeks from the entry in the Commercial Register to further registrations for VAT and tax numbers. By opposite, most firms that offer ready-made companies can conclude all the procedures in maximum two days. This is an obvious advantage of buying a ready-made company in Poland.

Thus, the main advantage of a ready-made company in Poland is a significantly shorter time before being able to begin the commercial activity, creditworthiness and a safe and clean background for the company.

Moreover, a Polish shelf company is fully registered and has NCR, tax, VAT, EU VAT numbers. You will also usually receive all documents and tax returns submitted to the office up to the date of purchase and for most ready-made companies offers you can use the providers’ services of accounting, tax, as well as services related to human resources and payroll.

The process of buying a ready-made company in Poland

When opening a new company in Poland, the founders need to provide certain incorporation documents and notarized copies. This is also applicable for shelf companies. The company’s Articles of Association will be amended to include information about the new shareholders and the management board. A Share Transfer Agreement is drawn up and notarized in order to perform the registration of the share transfer in the shelf company. A formal registration with the Trade Register will take place after all the documents are prepared.

After the transfer of shares in complete, the Polish ready-made company can begin its commercial activities. The new company owners should also make all the necessary arrangements to take control over the company’s bank accounts. A shelf company in Poland is typically provided with a REGON number and a VAT registration.

Investors who buy a ready-made Polish company have the freedom to change the company name after the transfer is complete. Other changes are also possible like designating new company representatives or adding new or additional objects of activity for the company. According to the Polish Commercial Companies Code, the new company owner must be registered these changes within 7 days.

It should be noted that investors who choose to purchase this type of company are advised to perform a company due diligence procedure. The verification is necessary to make sure that the company is indeed free of any liabilities and has no financial debts or other problems. You should also make sure that the company has never conducted any business, has no assets, employees or debts. These facts are usually guaranteed by the sale contract of shares certified by a notary.

If you need help purchasing a shelf company in Poland, our experts can help you. For more detailed information we invite you to get in touch with our Polish company formation consultants.  Our company formation professionals in Poland can help you with this type of due diligence and will advise on purchase conditions. All formalities may be fulfilled using email upon signing the agreement on services. The details of registration procedure and prices are discussed with each client individually.

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