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You are highly interested in doing family business in Poland? You are looking for some information how to open a new company in Poland? You would like to prepare a to do list before opening business in Poland? Or maybe you need some professional consultancy about the benefits of setting up a family business in Poland?

Our office may accordingly offer you various of services – from sharing our knowledge about various types of business in Poland (including family business) to help you to choose the best type of the company according to your needs. The companies that we are offering for our clients might be from running business for sale, to an already established company with no activity or with a terminated activity. Also, we may assist in registration process of a brand new company that would be established from zero.

Family business of so called family-run firms are enormously important to the Polish economy because such companies are accounting more than half of the total amount of companies in Poland. Family business in Poland is mostly related to mining, manufacturing, electricity, gas and water supply sector, construction, wholesale and retail trade sector, hotels and restaurants sector, also transportation, storage and communication sector.

Setting up a family business in Poland is attractive due to some reasons. Here is what you need to know about the country before opening new business:

    • The country belongs to European Union and it has a great location for doing business – it gives access to wide markets and millions of consumers. Poland is a big country and has a great infrastructure for transfering goods and services – the country has numerous airports and seaports.
    • Poland has the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe and it is the sixth largest economy in all EU. Therefore, if you decide to start the registration process of the new company in Poland, the country will suggest a big market for your business.
    • The country is very attractive for the foreign investors. It takes the eighth place of preferences for foreign investors. The most attractive industries for the foreign investors are auto, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, beverages and textiles, real estate sector. Generally, approximately one third of the total investments are made in manufacturing.
    • Another important fact is that more than half of the total foreign investments are made outside the capital Warsaw. There are many other cities with a great business environment: Krakow, Wroclaw, Tri-City, Poznan, Katowice, Lodz, Szczecin and Lublin. Therefore, Poland may offer you more than one place for setting up your business, especially it is useful if you are thinking about business expansion of a family or any other business.
    • Opening a new company in Poland can be easy and fast, no matter if you are going to buy an already established company or you are thinking about setting up a company from zero. In addition to that, opening a new company in Poland will be easier due to no language barrier – many people in Poland speak in other foreign languages like English and Russian.

If you have more questions about how to start business in Poland or how to open a family business in this country, our office is always ready to help you through all the process – from making a to do list before company registration process, providing a professional consultancy about how to start a new business to opening a new business for you in Poland. Also, we are ready to offer you to buy – from an already established company (like a running business for sale) or to help you setting up a brand new company from zero. The cost of the company depends on that, therefore, you can contact our office and we can prepare an offer for you with a detailed description of the company (cost of the company would be included in that offer). Setting up a new company in Poland can be easy and fast if you transfer all the process to the professionals‘ hands!

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