10 times bigger than the Lithuanian market Polish market attracts not only by its range of possibilities, but recently established national currency exchange rate. According to Lithuanian business people, usually at the start it is better to find a local partner to share with, than trying to act alone.

Growing Polish gross domestic product (GDP) and the stability of the national currency determine the country’s popularity among foreign investors. Also and Lithuanian.

Traditions have determined that both countries are strong strategic economic partners. In recent years, the trade turnover between Poland and Lithuania is growing. Last year it was close to 3 billion euro. Poland this year already has increased to Lithuania more than ten percent of exports, Lithuania – 30 percent, and successfully moving into Lithuanian markets. Lithuanian direct investment in Poland last year accounted for more than 0.5 million zlotys.

Poland under the attraction of investment is one of the leaders in the region. This attracts foreign investors due to market size and potential for growth. There is the ability to find companies that are of interest and could be bought.

It is noted that the companies who tried to enter the Polish market without a partner there is often burn.

Namely partners can take care of – at least initially – marketing and customer search. Influential helpers and sometimes even political support will make much easier the track to many promising prospects in the Polish market. To establish in it, it is proposed to do this as soon as possible – after seven years in Poland free economic zones starting up and operating foreign companies is promising not to apply benefits. Furthermore, it is to study where the business is viable.

In Poland there are 16 provinces. Everyone different, depends on the company, what products are willing to offer on a strategy to enter. The South region is richer, there you can earn more. In this region is a very strong car industry.

Companies that have decided to go to Poland, get the opportunity to break into the other markets.