Almost 70 percent of the more than 200,000 jobs created in Sweden since 2006 have gone to residents born in abroad, new statistics shows.

Since 2006, when the current centre-right government took power, around 230,000 new occupations have been created in Sweden, according to figures from Statistics Sweden (SCB).The numbers reveal farther that 160,000 of the freshly conceived occupations have gone to persons born outside of Sweden.Talking with Sveriges wireless (SR) about the statistics, Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag supplemented that at 100,000 of the new occupations went to employees born out-of-doors of Europe.”We’ve had a very positive development when it arrives to immigrants in the Swedish work market in that we’ve never had so numerous people that were born other shires that really proceed to work,” he told the broadcaster.Regardless of the improvements, the general paid work rate among immigrants is smaller than the rate amidst employees born in Sweden.Ullenhag emphasized the numbers display that government has did well in reaching assemblies that “were most distant away from the labour market”.He added, however, that the “biggest challenge” of youth employment remains.