Company registration in Europe

If your aim is setting up and registering a new company, starting or expanding your own business in a foreign country – Lithuania or in other country in Europe, first of all, you should carefully estimate how much financial and time resources all the steps would take. Registering a company and starting a business is quite a long process and usually non-admissible to individuals who intend to start a new business or expand an existing one in foreign country immediately.

So, if you are looking for online (or live) consulting and legal services in:

  • A new company registration in Lithuania or other EU country;
  • Purchasing an existing business in Lithuania or other EU country.

Our business consulting and legal service company with more than 10 years of experience, may accordingly offer you:

  • A new from zero established company with your prefered company name and all the necessary internal documentation package (i.e. new company registration and business license if needed);
  • An enterprise that has been already established but no business activity has been executed;
  • An enterprise that has been already established and had been operating for some time but due to some reasons no business activity is executed now;
  • A running business for sale that is operating now, has turnoever, employees, etc. Choosing this type of company may ensure you steady revenue, a verified business model, also eases you the procedure of getting residence permit and ensures you unrestricted travelling through all the Schengen area in EU.

As we are highly focused on our clients‘ needs, the quality and high standards of our services, the companies that we are offering to our clients do not have any debts or liabilities to other parties. These companies are highly rated, has high level of confidence and reputation, well appreciated by the creditors and other parties. Also, it is worth mentioning that an enterprise that has been already established (or running business for sale) or if the new company has a large share capital – it all benefits with a solidity and adds trust and value to other companies and creditors. Real office and premises for your company‘s activity is also a benefit. So, if you are interested in some other professional advice and what to consider additionally before starting the process, our specialist are always ready to help you.

For our clients convenience we provide our services – help register a business in Lithuania and in these countries in Europe:

How to register company in EU country?

You know nothing about how to register a company and what are the steps for it but you are highly interested in setting up a business in one of the above mentioned countries? You need some good advice from where you should start and what to consider before starting the process? We may help you and give some good advice on how to register a new company in Lithuania or any other country in Europe (like Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Germany), even if You are currently residing in abroad. It will let you to save your valuable time and money. Even if you are currently residing in any foreign country, our business consulting and legal service specialists will start to prepare all the necessary documents for a new company registration in the chosed country immediately after our services are ordered.

What you need to know additionally is that if you intend to engage in trade in Lithuania or other EU country, Your company must have a VAT (acr.-value added tax) code, that is granted by the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate. Also, if you want to register a company with a special activity (like pharmacy, oil and gas, etc.), a special business license for it is needed. We take care of both things for your business registration: getting for your company VAT and business license.

How To Start? – aiming to register a new company in Lithuania or any other chosen EU country from the list, your presence in our office is not mandatory. What to do in order to start the process? For business registration you just need to send us your personal and contact information (including copy of your passport, current living place address, phone number and email address) to our e-mailand then representative of our company will contact you and specify what you should do following. This is a very simple way for online company registration. For your own convenience, we can also send documents directly to your home address anywhere in the world.

How Much Time It Will Take To Register A New Company? After business registration process will be completed all the necessary company documents, including records, business license and stamp will be at your hands within a month at the latest. The practice shows that that all the steps normally takes 2-3 weeks. Additional time may be required (up to one week) in case if you prefer to register a company and start a business with your desired company name. The duration of the process might be shortened if you have an ability to pick up company‘s documents in our office at the same day.

How Much Money It Will Take to Register A New Company? The price of business licence depends on these terms: if you are registering a company from zero or buying an existing business. Also if You are going to purchase an existing business, then the price depends on the size, type (i.e. trade company with VAT if you are willing to trade in EU) and status (i.e. company with full package of documents or partially ready documents). Additional cost may be included in case if you want the documents to be sent abroad.

How Do We Contact? If you have an ability, you can always come to our office in Vilnius (Lithuania) or you can contact us online as well and we will try to do our best in order to help you to start a business in the chosen country in Europe while you are abroad.

If you still feel that you know nothing about setting up a business or the above mentioned tips are quite clear now, there might still be some questions on what to do, how to start the process or what you need to know before starting the process. All the questions and steps related to ‚how to register a business‘ may be answered by our specialists who are always ready to give you some good tips and advice on how to start the busines from zero in the chosen country in Europe. You are always welcome to write an online message or e-mail to our team on any question you are interested in.

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