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Opening of bank accounts in Lithuania
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Opening of bank accounts in Lithuania

Currently, banks are very protective of their reputation, so of the smallest suspicion that company is making illegal activities or find negative information (e. g. criminal records)  about company’s representatives, banks normally not open bank accounts or apply strict control.

Before opening an account bank in one of banks in Lithuania can require that the director of company or his representative submit a short business description, main customers and suppliers lists, to prove that the company’s staff have qualifications and experience in the business, a statement of the declared place of residence, assets in another bank account.

However, we can help you – our experienced staff will consult you before choosing a bank in Lithuania, present the possible challenges, prepare the necessary documents for opening of bank account, and assist you in the chosen bank.

We offer:

  • Consult on choosing the most appropriate bank;
  • Consult on opening of bank accounts and it’s issues;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents required for banks in Lithuania;
  • Assistantship helping to open a bank account.

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