Study: ranking of the best countries in the world for 2013:  Estonia  – the first in the Baltics and  in the middle of study list.
Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a study in which rated  countries where in a year of 2013 is born to be the best. A total of 80 included states were compared, and the economic grands  such as Germany and the United States were not included in the top ten. Estonia is located in the middle of the ranking.

The researchers took into account a variety of factors:  state economic opportunities, health care standards, political freedom, the results of subjective assessments of “quality of life”, financial  projections to a  year of 2030 ,investment area, gender equity, guarantees to employment, climate situation and other.
The best were called small, peaceful, homogeneous liberal democratic world countries – Switzerland, Australia, Norway, Sweden and  Denmark . Ukraine found itself at the end of the rating, “losing” only Kenya and Nigeria. Russia  is on the 72nd place  thanks in biggest part to the low level of political freedom and health care system.
Estonia was the most successful of the Baltic states – 44th place, while Latvia and Lithuania took the 48 and 57 line rating. The publication notes  that money  can not buy happiness although they define two thirds of society life.