The process of immigration to Europe becomes more complicated and requires specific competence and experience of lawyers. Now, Europe has not wanted immigrants in recent years and is increasingly struggling with the immigration flow.

Nevertheless, immigration to Europe from abroad exists. Now, there is a European investment program with the amount of investments that are available not only for business owners, but also for those who have little or no savings or not the most expensive real estate. It is possible to begin your own business in the developed countries of Europe and sometimes you even do not need to make any investments.

Reasons for new immigration policy in some European countries is quite commonplace – Europe needs money and economic immigration is one of the sources of funds that can be obtained from the outside. Moreover, there are many people who are interested in a residence permit in Europe while not intending to live permanently in the EU. Many people are interested in immigration to Europe from former Soviet republics not because of wish to move to Europe but because of seeking to gain the freedom of movement in the European territory together with EU nationals. The main thing is to use these opportunities competently and remember that ill-considered actions or non-professional services can seriously hinder the implementation of plans on immigration.