Cost Of Living In Lithuania Lithuania within the several other EU countries in the region of Eastern Europe generally is considered an inexpensive European state. Attractive Best Place Order Tramadol Online cost of living in Lithuania waves many foreign entrepreneurs and investors to set up their businesses in this country. According to the Cost of Living Index 2019 by country in Europe Lithuania ranked 24th among 40 states in the list. Life in this Baltic country is far from being as cloudless as the average foreigner, especially from non-European countries, might think, and who dreams of spending his time or seriously think to stay here legally within opportunities on setting up a business in Lithuania– neither more nor less. The standards of living here are comparable to the standards of living in any other European Union country.

Order Tramadol Online Canada Lithuania is not an exception comparing with the other European countries by service Cheap Tramadol Cod Overnight prices and terms of living. Citizens from the other EU countries have noticed that such prices are a bit cheaper than in their homelands, but only a bit as the constantly growing national economy requires for higher living standards.

As the standards of living are growing rapidly, the prices also not remain in one place

Order Tramadol Online Us Lithuanians would say that Buying Tramadol For Dogs cost of living in Lithuania should be better comparing with other EU countries. Sure, the salaries in Lithuania are much lower neither existing in many Western European countries but are constantly growing. The minimum wage in 2019 officially set up 555 euros (bruto), and the average salary in Lithuania (as of 2018 IIIrd quarter) is approximately 935 euros before the taxes (bruto) and 730 euros after taxes (neto). Please note that such average soon may change, but generally, at this moment a good salary in Lithuania is considered to be between 800-1100 euros, and basically, highly qualified specialists earn such income.

go Certainly, in the private sector, especially working at international companies salaries are much higher. Also is important to know that such wages are much higher in the largest cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda) neither in the smallest towns of Lithuania.

watch Whether You are a small entrepreneur or an advanced and experienced businessman thinking on the way of business follow url immigration to Lithuania visit this country in order to start own business in Lithuania primarily You should have to be familiar with the living terms and living standards. Most of the foreign nationals from the third countries are interesting on prices generally for living here, and that is understandable – how much cost an apartment rent or real estate in Lithuania, what is a price of a coffee cup in the center of Vilnius, how much I should pay for a transport ticket, or what about the car rent, and so on. Sure, the answers to all these questions are possible to find on the global Internet but are they may be so trustful knowing that prices may change? Anyway, to explore an internal social and economic situation of the country as well as the opportunities for business in Lithuania or how to open a business in Vilnius is a welcome thing to every foreigner.

Prices in Lithuania

click here After arrival to Vilnius to every foreign national is important the approximate price of a transport (major public transport in the largest cities is bus and trolleybus) or taxi service. Sure, everything‘s depends on where is located previously booked hotel or hostel and how long takes the journey there. Usually, one-way transport ticket in Vilnius by bus or trolleybus costs 1 euro, taxi service price from the Airport to the central part of the city may cost about 10-15 euros. One-time ticket on the route taxi (minibus) costs about 1-1,50 euros. A night in a hotel (depends on the hotel‘s star category and service quality level) may cost 30-120 euros, in a hostel – approximately 15-40 euros (breakfast price here is not included). Cup of coffee price in the center of Vilnius ranges from 3 to 10 euros. Is interesting that the urban coffee cup price index may show the level of economic development of the country.

 Real estate prices in Lithuania are much lower than in the other EU countries. One-room apartment or studio with good repair in smaller cities of Lithuania can be purchased for an amount from 10 to 50 thousand euros. In the capital Vilnius, such a one-room apartment will cost starts from 75-80 thousand euros.

The prices for food and food products in Lithuania, unlike the other EU countries, do not differ so much – something that is more expensive, something cheaper. Better cheaper products to buy in the farm markets, in the large supermarket food prices are slightly bit expensive. In the usual café or restaurant of the city, a price for lunch or dinner can be in the range of 7-20 euros per person, at luxury restaurant dinner may cost from 30 to 80 euros per person.


Living In Lithuania. Additional Expenses.

Additional expenses on the best Internet in ther world (ranges from 5 to 15 euros), cable TV (from 7 to 20 euros), a subscription to a gym or sports/fitness club (from 40 to 150 euros).
The price of renting a small car for 1 day + insurance in Vilnius may cost around 25-35 euros. To rent a bike for 1-hour in the city cost about 2-5 euros.

About the standards of living in Lithuania like the other European country feedbacks are always different and ranges from a very negative to extremely positive. To foreigners who doing business in Lithuania and have been already living for several years here, a social adaptation to the living conditions in the country became easier. Many public services, including education and medicine, are mostly paid.

Although the level of incomes of the citizens is not as high as in the other EU countries, however, the acceptable cost of food makes it possible not to spend the entire salary on them and live here decently. Regardless of the economic differences with the other more advanced EU countries in this respect, Lithuania remains an attractive European country to settle, live and work here to foreign citizens because it allows its stable political situation and cherished democratic values.