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Business consulting and advice includes a wide range of related services – from the preparatory work on the business plans of the proposed activity, the funding search for the development of a business-start up to conclusion of necessary sale-purchase contracts, financial document reporting for corresponding offices, or up to e.g., the establishment of the commercial representation.

Business development is a part of any profit-making organization long-term strategy and purpose consisting of many interrelated components: investment, managerial decisions, internal and external communications and marketing. Business development is usually associated with the company’s market expansion and discovery of new markets, increased production and / or sales. The company is expanding its business and conquering new markets by acquiring other companies or joining other companies or groups of companies, by purchase of a business, setting up subsidiaries or branches / representative offices in foreign countries or by implementing new investment projects. These goals are often require additional funding, properly and professionally made business plan, and sometimes a new business license. Thus, expanding the company’s business rarely takes place without professional help.

In order to help quickly and efficiently implement own business development for the clients, our qualified staff is offering the following consulting services :

  • The structuring business/commercial transactions;
  • Business integration ( merging of an acquired business into the group of enterprises;
  • Business sale and purchase transactions ( the assessment of a proposed activity, preparation of contracts, the review of contracts);
  • Fund raising and evaluation of an alternatives (cooperation with the private financial institutions, the search for private investors and foundations) ;
  • Holding companies ( advice on the choice of holding company’s jurisdiction, tax optimization by  using local and foreign subsidiaries) ;
  • Preparation of various business plans;
  • Obtaining of business licenses;
  • Search for potential buyers and consumers, establishment of commercial representative office in abroad ;
  • Registration of company, its branch or commercial representative office in EU countries.

In business integration area our experts will provide market researches, assess various options the merge with other business structures that operating in the same activity field as well as offer appropriate solutions how to expand an own business.

Upon receipt of an activity license we will represent Your interests at various state, public and private institutions as well in a foreign countries, draw up all the necessary documents (e.g., certificates and etc.)

In the field of business consulting we have been working for 10 years, so the acquired experience enables us cooperating with You offer the most suitable and appropriate solutions and possible alternatives, ensure the quality of provided services.

Our main purpose – long-term cooperation and partnership, and mutual trust as well.

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