Starting a bar in Spain

Spain is a very attractive country for opening a new company – starting a bar business or any other business that is related to the tourism sector. Spain is one of the biggest economy in the European Union with a great climate and geographic location. Starting a bar business in Spain can be a great idea because thousands of tourists from various of foreign countries are visiting Spain every year. Visitors from the foreign countries are coming to Spain for various reasons – for business purposes, shopping, sigthseeing or leisure purposes. For these and much more other reasons foreign investors tend to choose Spain for starting a bar or setting up any other business in the tourism sector.

Before setting up a bar business in Spain, you might face many questions – from how to open a new company for that, how to start the registration process of the company, how to get the license for such business or what is to do list regarding all the necessary documentation for opening a bar. You might face many questions even if you would like to buy an already established business (like a running business for sale). All these and much more other questions we are ready to answer to you or any other foreign investor. We provide a professional consultancy for many years. Also, we are preparing special offers for those who are looking for the company to buy.

What you need to know about setting up a business in Spain?

  • Spain is a big country with many nice places – cities for opening a new business. If you are thinking about starting a bar in Spain, we would recommend the biggest cities like Madrid or Barcelona or resort cities – Valencia, Las Palmas or Alicante. The biggest cities are attracting tourists through all the year but resort cities have more high and low seasons. But during the high seasons all these cities are very busy with thousands of tourists looking up where to have a snack or a drink.
  • Starting a bar in Spain is a very attractive idea because plenty of tourists are coming to Spain for good food, shopping and sightseeing. Travelers from the foreign countries typically speak English, therefore, you will not face any language barrier.
  • Setting up a business in Spain is also very attractive due to relatively low labour and other costs. Also, the registration process of the new company is quite easy and fast. Moreover, Spanish Government can offer some incentives and policies for those who are doing new business or developing the existing one. A friendly business environment is a good sign for opening a new business.

    So, if you are thinking about starting a bar in Spain, you are welcome to contact our office first. We are ready to answer all your questions – how to start such business, how to open the company for that. Also, we will help you to make a to do list before starting the documentation process. And if you are looking for the company to buy, we can offer you from a running business for sale to the company with no activity or the company with a terminated activity. Having the right partner for setting up a new business will be even more cost saving. Setting up a new business – opening a bar in Spain can be easy and fast! blonde milf