How to employ a foreigner in Spain?

How to employ a foreigner in Spain?

Is it possible to find a job for foreigners in Spain? The best way to find out the job opportunities in Spain is to address to an employment agency. Such agency is usually well aware about the employment situation in Spain and recruitment issues for foreigners.

How European Union citizens can work in Spain?

Is it difficult to find a job in Spain for a EU citizen? If a foreigner is a national of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, he can live and work in Spain without restriction, with the exception of Croatians who will need a permit until 30 June 2020.

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How Non-European Union citizens can work in Spain?

Is it hard to find a job in Spain for non-EU citizens?

Most non-EU citizens will need a work permit to live and work in Spain although there are some exceptions, such as academics or scientists working on specific projects, or close relatives who are joining family members who have been working in Spain for a year or more. So, a foreigner who wants to work in the Kingdom of Spain must obtain a Spanish work permit before entering the country. Such work permit may be issued to a foreigner if there is lack of specialists in Spain meeting the employer’s requirements.

The conditions and order of issue a work permit in Spain

In order to employ a foreigner, an employer must apply for a work permit to the provincial office of the Ministry of Labour on behalf of the foreigner he wants to employ. While the application is being processed, the foreigner will be given a copy of the application with the stamp from that office and file number. The copy of the application should be submitted to the Spanish embassy or consulate to apply for a work and residence visa. The regional labour office will start to process of the application on receipt of the relevant information from the embassy. It can take up to eight months to process a work permit application. Once the labour office has approved the work permit, the embassy or consulate will issue the work and residence visa.

An application to issue a Spanish work permit is not considered if an employer does not follow the procedure specified in legislation.

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Formalities to be completed in order to work in Spain

If you want to employ a foreigner under a contract of employment, there a number of documents that are needed, including an application, a copy of an ID document recognised in Spain, a copy of a document confirming the foreigner’s qualification, a copy of a document proving the foreigner’s two years professional work experience, a certificate of the employer dismissals during 6 months before applying for the issue of a work permit in Spain and a copy of an issued Spanish work permit and an employer’s certificate on a foreigner’s work in an enterprise indicating his/her functions, salary, the amount of assessed and paid taxes.

Non-EU nationals need a Spanish work permit independently whether they are employees under an employment contract or self-employed persons. Please note, that in any case a foreigner, among other documents, needs to have a valid ID document, photographs, official medical certificate, a relevant type of visa.

The procedure and time limits for the examination of applications to issue a work permit

After the work permit is obtained and the foreigner is employed, the employer must pay for the employee’s Social Security and other taxes on a monthly basis. The amount of taxes depends on the amount of the employee’s salary. Personal tax rates for salaried staff range from 15 to 45 per cent, depending on earnings and allowable deductions, which may vary according to circumstances.

If you need a work permit in Spain for a foreign employee do not hesitate to contact us. Our recruitment team will consult you on how to get a job in Spain for a foreigner, on taxes applicable to employees and help you with recruitment of a foreign worker in Spain. Our experts will help to prepare all necessary documents for obtaining a work permit of Spain.

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