Company registration in Valencia

You are looking for new business opportunities? You are interested in company registration in Spain but you don‘t know how to start the process? Your are interested in business for sale? Or maybe you are particularly interested in doing business in Valencia?

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Our company is always ready to help in you in all the process of company formation in such a country like Spain. Before starting company registration process, you might face many questions with „how to“. Therefore, our aim is to answer all these questions and help you to choose the best business to buy or to start a new company with your preferred company name. In addition to the companies that we can offer for you to buy, we provide the consultancy about what could be the best business to start and how to start your business in Spain.

Generally, the whole country Spain is very attractive for the foreigners for starting new business due to some reasons:

    • Even though the country has went through the classic economic boom to a bust scenario and the population felt the highs and lows of a rapid growth in living standards during the last few decades, today the country is poised of a solid and manageable GDP growth.
    • Economic signals of Spain are positive, therefore, it is a good time for new business to start in this market.
    • Spain is one of the key members of the European Eunion.
    • Good location of the country that can offer a well established trading links to all Europe. Moreover, the country is attractive due to its geographic proximity to North Africa and it can be named as the gateway to South America.
    • As the country is at the top of the holiday dreams of many people, the country accordingly may offer for your business a great climate.
    • Spain as the country for new company registration is especially popular for small business. Therefore, the Spanish government actively supports sector of small business.

Before starting new business abroad, it is very important to identify which sectors are most attractive for the foreign investments and what business to start in the foregin country. The most popular industrial sectors in Spain are garment and footwear, food and beverages, metals and metal manufactures, chemicals, shipbuilding, automobiles. Also, Spain is popular because of well-developed tourism sector. Therefore, the country is very attractive for starting small business as well.

When talking about the best cities for starting your business, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are the major economic hubs. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain that may offer a well-developed environment for you and your business.

Business environment in Valencia

If you are interested in business opportunities in Valencia and looking for the information on how to open a business in Valencia, our team is always ready to help you in finding all the necessary information and answering all your questions. Starting a business in the foreign country might cost a lot of your time and efforts, therefore, we are aiming to simplify the whole process of company registration in such a country like Spain. Our aim is to help you to open business smoothly!

Valencia as the city is full of business opportunities – no matter if you want to open business from zero or you want to expand your existing business. There are some key information that you should know about Valencia and that you can accordingly use it for finding your own business opportunities:

    • Valencia is the 5th busiest container port in Europe, therefore, the city has a great and wide access to the other markets as well. Valencia‘s port handles around 20% of Spain‘s total export. The main exporting goods are foodstuffs and beverages. Other exports include furniture, ceramics, textiles, iron production. Even just because of this fact it is worth setting up business in Valencia.
    • The city has enjoyed a strong economic growth during the last decade. In year 2009, Valencia was nominated are the 29th fastest-improving European city. The economic growth of this city was mostly influenced by the tourism and construction industries. It is also worth mentioning that the city is higly service-oriented because the biggest part of the working population are engaged in service industry generally. Some agricultural activities also take a part in the economy, even though this sector is relatively small (when talking about the working population that is engaged in this sector).
    • Valencia has a well-developed transport system with high speed AVE trains to and from Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Alicante. The airport of the city is situated 9 km west of Valencia city centre. The city has also available a bicycle sharing system. To both visitors and residents. It also makes the city more attractive if you are willing to open business here.
    • Valencia is very attractive for new business especially for its tourism sector. The city has many convention centres and venues for various events, like trade events, conferences, etc. The city is also famous for its cultural traditions, like local festival Falles or annual tomato fight event – La Tomatina. Also, many foreigners tend to visit this city because for its gastronomic culture – typical Spanish dish paella, a simmered rice dish with seafood, Spanish omelette, pinchos, rosguilletas, etc. Valencia is full of various business opportunities because thousands of business people and travelers come to this city every month.

To the above mentioned facts and benefits about Spain and one of the biggest cities Valencia, there are lots of other business opportunities in Valencia as well. Lots of investors from the foreign countries can find their own niche for new business – from small coffee shop, garment business to service companies.

So, if you have already decided to start a business in Valencia and you are interested in our services, you should also know some key information about the company registration in Valencia. First of all, you should decide if you want to start company formation from zero (with your preferred company name) or you want to buy an already established company (like running business for sale). Also, business for sale might be different – from the running business, to the business that was running in the past but due to some circumstances it has not been running anymore or the established company with no business running at all. The cost of the company depends on the type of the company that you choose. Therefore, you have both possibilities according to your needs – to open business from zero or to expand your existing business.

If you want to know how to start your own business in Valencia, we are ready to answer all your questions related to company formation process. Doing business in Valencia can be much easier if you transfer many of the questions to our professional team! blonde milf