Residence Permit in the Slovak Republic

We offer our services by assisting You to receive the Residence Permit in the Slovak Republic on the basis of lawful activity (business registration) that allows You live and work in this country and thus freely move throughout the other countries belonging to EU and Schengen Agreement. Our company specialists can assist You to prepare all the necessary documents aiming to get Slovakian Residence Permit on the grounds of lawful activity (company registration).

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Basic information

There are existing three different ways how to legalize Your stay in the territory of Slovak Republic – temporary residence, permanent residence and tolerated stay.
Temporary residence permit grants the right to foreigners reside in Slovakia, freely move to other European Schengen countries and back to Slovakia for the limited period allowing them to stay in this country. Such permit is related to a particular purposes only. If a foreign citizen intends to engage in activities other than he had been temporary residence for, he must provide a new application form for the temporary residency, unless the national laws on foreign citizens states otherwise. You may expect to get this temporary permit on the basis of following activities and reasons – lawful activity (business), family reunification, studies, employment, special activities, and etc.
For the first time temporary residence permit to a foreigner usually may be issued for one year or max. two years. Decision acceptance process usually lasts about 3 months. If temporary residence permit was granted for 1 year next time it is possible to extend/renew it for two years. After general 5 years period of temporary residency foreign citizens may expect to get a permanent residence permit at once for 5 years.

Procedure Details for Slovak Residence Permit

Application for a temporary residence permit should be made in person’s native country at the Slovak Embassy accredited in that country, or at the Embassy of another EU state accredited to the country in which an applicant resides. All the documents that will be submitted for a residence permit can not be older than 3 months and shall be officially translated into Slovak language.Judicial translation service and apostille is provided in Slovakia.

In order to obtain Slovak temporary residence permit the foreigner generally should have to provide following documents:
– given an official application form;
– valid travel document (passport or ID card);
– 3 photos (required dimensions 3 x 3.5 cm) that showing applicant’s current look.

If Your purpose of stay in Slovakia is a residence permit only then You should have within the other required documents to submit a business plan, and wait for decision from the Police in 3 months.

If Your purpose of stay in Slovakia is a lawful activity (business) then also is required to submit :
– Incorporation Certificate of a registered company;
– Social contract setting-up such company where an alien must be listed as a statutory body,
– Notarial registration of establishment,
– Other necessary documents proving an established business activity under a special regulation (for e.g.,a special license to implement private activities , such as medical practice , attorney practice).

If Your purpose of stay in this country is a job You should have also to submit a work permit that is issued by the competent national authorities, or citizen’s registration card of the Slovak Republic from the national Labor Office.

Beside the relevant documentation to submit on the basis of lawful activity or job a foreigner has to provide a Certificate of no criminal records from the country of origin, or for any other country he has lived in for the last two years. Also is required to submit a financial guarantee for the stay in value no less than 2’400 EUR for 1 year , and 4’800 EUR for 2 years, provided by extract of a bank in a personal account. Such extract should have to confirm about sufficient amount of funds for the living in Slovakia.

Usually the decision by the relevant authorities is accepting in a period of 90 days. After first one year a foreign citizen may expect to extend his legal stay at once for two years, and further also for two years. After five years of temporary residence it is possible to get a permanent residence permit in Slovakia that is issued at once for 5 years, and after expect the citizenship by passing required exams of the national language and Constitution knowledge.
In order to obtain a permanent residence permit is required to provide an official application form, valid travel document, photos, financial liability documents (bank extract from a personal account, employer’s confirmation on the amount of earned income), documents confirming the purposes of stay, certificate of no criminal record, accommodation documents, health insurance.

Citizenship of the Slovak Republic may be granted to a person who is not a citizen of Slovakia and meet following requirements, such as :
– has a continuous Slovak permanent residence permit for at least 8 years;
– has no any criminal records;
– has high skills of Slovak language (written and oral) and demonstrates high general knowledge about Slovakia;
– is not conducted by the prosecution, there are not conducted proceedings on the deportation, or on the removal of asylum, and related proceedings. blonde milf