How to employ a foreigner in Denmark?

We can help you to employ a foreign worker from the third countries (Russia, Belarus, the USA, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc.) in your Danish company. We will help to obtain required work permit of Denmark and documents for your company and employee.

When preparing to employ an alien in your Danish company, we will need the following documents from you:

  • Your Danish company’s documents;
  • A passport copy of a prospective employee;
  • A future foreign worker‘s education document;
  • Notes about a future foreign worker‘s work experience;
  • An employer’s signed statement containing the information about the job requirements.

With our help, a permit of working in Denmark for foreigners will be received easily and promptly.

How to get work permit in Denmark? The company has to sign a contract with an employee. One of the main issues is that an employee has to work on the same conditions as the Danish citizen would do, i.e. he has to receive more or less the Danish salary. Then, a company can apply for the work permit in Denmark for a new employee. There are different requirement for applicants, depending on what kind of work an employee would do. It also depends on applicant qualifications, how easy it would receive a working in Denmark permit.

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