Danish temporary residence permit

We can help to understand law of Denmark, immigration issues and get residence permit  of Denmark,  even You are not Denmark. When you establish company, you will get possibility to get temporary residence permit (TRP) to work and live in Denmark for one year. The minimum share capital of the company must be 80.000 DKK = about 10.730 EUR. We will open bank account on client’s name. Then client will have to transfer money to the Danish company account. If client do not want to deposit all sum of money at once, in this case we can deposit capital by our money and later withdraw them. After client come to Denmark, within a certain time, he/she will have to pay off and cover the capital.

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If foreigner wants to get Danish temporary residence permit, it is not enough to acquire company. Client also will have to prove that he/she is going to establish/ develop a serious, innovative company in Denmark, that is to say, small restaurant/market/trade company opening is not a sufficient basis to get residence permit in Denmark. Foreigner must expand serious company, in which company founder’s presence is mandatory. It is recommended that in company would be not more that 3-4 shareholders.

Our company’s specialists will help you to prepare a business plan, documentation for a company, and help you to confirm the co-operation with Danish companies. We also will provide a possible draft contract with a Danish company and other required documents. All the documents will be in Danish or English language.

Clients who want to get a Danish Residence Permit can apply himself/herself for residence permit in the local Embassy, OR, we can apply for the Client in Denmark. Then the applicant has to visit the local Embassy in the country of his/her stay in order to leave his/her fingerprints.

immigration to Denmark

Bring Your Family to Schengen Zone (Denmark)

The Client has to apply for each member of the family separately. The basic requirements are the following: the Client has to be able to support himself/ herself and the whole family has to live at the same address in Denmark. The family members will get a Temporary Residence Permit that allows them to work in Denmark.

Permanent Residence Permit to Live in Denmark

The basic requirements for the Permanent Residence Permit in Denmark:

  • At least 5 years of legal living in Denmark;
  • The applicant has to be over 18 years old;
  • No criminal records;
  • No debts to the Danish Government;
  • No state financial support for last 3 years before the application;
  • Knowledge of Basic Danish (state exam certificate is required);
  • Full-time job in Denmark/ or full-time studies for at least last 3 years before application;
  • Full-time job or study at the moment of application.

Residence permit procedure in Denmark

Danish Residence Permit Procedure Details:

1 The Client sends us required details (a copy of passport, address, email, telephone number) to [email protected] to initiate the process. Then, we sign a contract, the Client pays an advance payment of 50% of total amount.
2 We prepare necessary documents within a week and send them to the Client by email. The Client prints out the documents pursuant to the instruction given, signs and sends them back by a express courier
3 After we receive the documents, we will prepare all necessary documents within a few week and will get approvals from the Government Institutions for the Client (Company and TRP documents – full package)
4 When the company and TRP documents are ready we scan and send them to the Client by email and request the Client for agreed payment of the remaining 50% of the amount
5 After wereceive the remaining payment, the documents will be sent via post courier
6 After the Client receives the documents, he/ she makes an appointment in the nearest Danish Embassy. He/ she submits the documents To the Embassy and pays the documents submission fee
7 A submission decision has to be taken within 3 months  upon Migration Department receives documents from the Embassy you have submitted documents to. The decision will be sent to the local Embassy.
8 After the positive decision is made, the Client has to apply to the Embassy to get a short-term national type D visa on the basis of TRP approval
9 The Client comes  to Denmark immediately , goes to the Central Person Register to apply for a plastic residency card
10 The plastic residency card is  issued for a period of one year within 5 working days.
11 From now, a foreigner has the right to live in Denmark, travel through all Schengen member zone countries and do businessfor a period of one year. Two months before expiration date Client has to apply for a TRP renewal and to provide his/her tax and business actvity documents
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