Assistance in business visa for Denmark

We effectively assist our clients in obtaining of a Schengen (Danish) visa. Since our business immigration considers this procedure in a responsible way, it will take you a minimum of time.

The European visa will let you travelling, setting up a business and being in Denmark and Schengen zone countries without or with minimum restrictions. We will assume responsibility for EU visa processing documents!

There Are Two Ways how We Can Prepare and Deliver You an Invitation of Business Visa for Denmark:

  1. We can send an invitation to a person concerned by post, and with this invitation, he/she will have to apply to the Danish Embassy in his/her country.
  2. Or, we can submit an invitation to the relevant authority by email. So, the person concerned will have only to come to the Embassy (smaller expenditures of time).

Usually Danish Representative in the Country (Embassy) Is Free to Decide Whether to Issue a Visa or Not

  • If there is no reason to refuse a visa will be successfully issued.
  • If there is a reason not to issue a visa, then this issue will be referred to Migration Department in Denmark who considers each case separately.

General Requirements for the Person Concerned:

  • Term of validity of passport must be 3 months longer than the last visa expiration date.
  • Passport cannot be issued earlier than 10 years ago.
  • Person must have enough finances for the whole period of being in Denmark. At least DKK 350 per day (about 50 EUR), if the person is living at the inviter, or at least DKK 500 per day (about 70 EUR) if he/she is living in a hotel.
  • The Client must have travel health insurance. The minimum insurance coverage should be EUR 30.000. This insurance must be valid in all Schengen countries and cover all expenditures relating to possible disease, transportation, accidents at home, after serious illness or in case of death.

All these Denmark business visa requirements will be valid during the visa getting period and later, arrival to the country. While having Business Visa for Denmark, the client should always be ready to prove that he/she has enough finances and valid travel insurance. Otherwise, the Denmark business visa will be abolished and the Client will have to leave a Schengen country immediately. If the Client does not leave the country on the last day of validity of or tries to get a Temporary or a Permanent during his/her visiting, then he/she will be in “quarantine” for 5 years.

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