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http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_advertise_ Soma WITH CASH ON DELIVERY ~ Soma COD NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED Among a large number of documents giving the right to visit Poland, a shopping visa seems to be an easy way to visit Poland – it is a permission to enter the country for shopping. It is possible to get a Polish shopping visa also for citizens of Belorussia and other CIS countries. Polish “visa na zakupy” can be obtained for a year, and it is possible to get it for five years.
Why Poland shopping visa?

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  1. As it has been mentioned earlier it is the simplest permission to get.
  2. Simplified procedure for crossing the border. Frequent entry and exit with other visas can cause questions from the customs. If you have a shopping visa, the maximum that can be demanded is to show money to confirm your solvency. At the time of crossing the border, all duties have already been paid. No additional fees are required at the border.
  3. It is better to cross the border of this state – this will give an advantage to the further extension of the document. However, it is possible to move freely from the territory of the Republic across the entire Schengen area, as well as from a number of states not included into it: Bulgaria, Romania, etc. Officially, the duration of stay in Poland and other countries within the scope of the visa is not regulated, but it will be easier to extend the document if the stay on the Polish territory exceeds the total stay in other countries.

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    1. The primary Polish visa for shopping. The first document is a trial one and is issued for a period of 7 days for a single stay, which can be used within 21 days.
    2. Subsequent visas. If at the first visit a number of conditions are fulfilled, the applicant can expect a long-term visa for a period of 6 to 12 months.
    3. Five-year visa. Starting with the third visa, you can try to get a visa for a period of 5 years. For this purpose, the documents should indicate the “date of departure” (from the Schengen) exceeding the “entry date” by 5 years. A positive decision on such a request is quite realistic, but not guaranteed. Even with such a request it may be decided to grant a visa for shopping for a shorter period.

follow site Regardless of the type of visa (multiple or one-time visa) and the term, the processing time makes about 6 working days from the moment of submission of documents.
How much does Poland shopping visa cost?
In order to obtain a Polish shopping visa, you will have to make four different payments (in some cases three):

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      • Consular fees: EUR 35;
      • Payment to the visa centre (also fixed cost for all): EUR 18.5;
      • Insurance, at least for the duration of the visa: please ask your service provider;
      • Bank fee for services (approximate): please ask your bank.

go to link As you can see, if you need a Polish shopping visa, the price is affordable for many Belarusians and other citizens of the CIS.
Documents for a Poland shopping visa
The following documents are necessary for a Polish shopping visa:

      1. Passport (the original and a copy of each page that has marks).
      2. Foreign passport (the original and a copy of each page that has marks). Please note:
      3. At least two pages of the passport must be clean;
      4. the period before the expiry of the validity must be at least three months from the date of the proposed last entry.
      5. Completed application form. A form of strictly established form must be made in Latin characters. You should be extremely careful when writing the name from the passport. In the “Purpose of travel” section it is necessary to mark the item “Other” and enter the word “Shopping” in the empty field.
      6. Application. This is also a ready-made form that can be downloaded. It is worth to be attentive with the date of filling-it must correspond to the date when all the documents will be submitted to the Centre.
      7. Photo. 2 pieces. Each photo is of 3.5 x 4.5 cm and corresponds to today’s appearance, hair colour.
      8. Statement of transactions with a bank account for the last three months. There are several features and additions:
        1. If a student who does not receive a scholarship or an unemployed person submits the documents, an “application from the sponsor” can be submitted – a handwritten document in which the close relative confirms that the person is fully maintained.
        2. For individual entrepreneurs – an up-to-date (completed not less than 3 months ago) tax return
        3. Working citizens must also provide a certificate of preservation of the workplace for the duration of the permission to enter.
        4. Insurance. Please, select an accredited company.
        5. Receipts for payment of necessary fees and duties.
        6. Hotel reservation confirmation. You should be aware that the reservation differs from the proof of payment for accommodation required for other types of visas. Booking does not necessarily mean payment! We recommend for hotels around the world.
        7. Biometric data – will be taken and attached to the package of documents.

Problems Ordering Tramadol Online For subsequent appeals, the package of documents, other than the one described above, must include confirmations of purchases on the territory of the Republic of Poland in previous visits.
Such document is a so-called VAT invoice and is a registered document that any Polish seller can give instead of a check. Collecting invoices for all purchases is not necessary – it is enough to have one document for any amount. The main thing is that its date is within the scope of the previous visa.
This document is often filled with the words of the buyer and includes his name, registration and other data. It is necessary to prepare for this procedure in advance making a list of necessary information, and check it after filling carefully. Otherwise, the invoice can be invalidated.
The procedure of getting a Polish shopping visa
In order to get the primary “visa na zakupy” you need to follow these steps:

        1. The first step is to pay for the services of visa centre. The candidate must carry out the procedure personally submitting a foreign or national passport.
        2. In the receipt issued to the applicant, among other things, the IRN – an individual registration number – will be indicated;
        3. Then you need to call the Call Centre and make an appointment and also inform about
        4. Your IRN;
        5. Name and surname;
        6. Series and number of your foreign passport.
        7. Further, the visa centre employee will offer a free date to be agreed upon. By this time, all the above documents should be prepared (except for biometric data and fees that are paid for at the moment of submitting the documents).
        8. To come at the appointed time. You should know that the original of the civil passport is presented, but it is not given with the documents. It will be necessary to obtain a ready visa.
        9. After the initial verification of documents if there are no errors, the remaining fees and intermediary services are paid. Received receipts should be provided to the same visa centre specialist.
        10. The applicant can use the services of “Courier delivery”, and, after registration, get a passport with a visa in this way. Or order a “sms-alert”, and receive information about the visa by phone. It is necessary to have a civil passport with you. The second and subsequent shopping visas are obtained similarly. The difference is only in the terms indicated in the application and the obligation to provide a VAT Invoice together with other documents. The registered invoice also means that a person used the primary visa for purchases in Poland for purpose – this is also a prerequisite. If there was no entry to the territory of Poland under the primary “visa na zakupy”, the applicant is not entitled to ask for the second one.
What to buy in Poland?
Having evaluated the advantages of a shopping visa, the question often arises: what to buy in Poland? Here is an approximate list of goods that can be purchased in Poland at more favourable prices:

        • clothes and shoes;
        • appliances;
        • children’s goods;
        • auto parts;
        • building materials and tools;
        • cosmetics and perfumes;
        • medicines;
        • alcohol;
        • tea, coffee, cocoa;
        • specific Polish products It should be remembered that shopping with a Polish visa can be carried out not only in the Republic itself, but also in other countries of the Schengen zone. It is also very interesting to make such a trip. It remains only to study carefully all the nuances of how to get a Poland shopping visa and you can go to the road.