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http://waterloomilitaria.com/?attachment_id=5402 Types and ideas of business in Poland

http://waterloomilitaria.com/?id_product=13 What do you need to know in order to open a profitable business in Poland? What advantages can you get from it? In which areas is it better to act? These issues will be discussed in this short article.
Business in Poland: conditions and advantages
The main advantage of any successful business is income! This is an a priori condition, and does not make sense to treat it as a separate virtue. However, doing business in Poland has a number of positive aspects:

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  • the ability to quickly obtain a business visa (with the right to move around the “Schengen”);
  • execution of the Residence Card (residence permit) may take a minimum period of time – only a couple of months;
  • After 5 years of doing business in Poland, you can count on permanent residence, and then on Polish citizenship. 

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enter site However, in order to realize business ideas in Poland, it is necessary to fulfil several norms.
Of course, first of all, the requirements of the law on the design of the project, but there are other conditions, without which opening a business to Poland will be difficult as much as possible:

  1. You must learn Polish. Without knowledge of Polish language, an almost insurmountable barrier arises when communicating with government bodies, partners, and, most importantly, with clients. It is unlikely that any of the consumers will want to return to a businessman who cannot understand what they want from him.
  2. You need to be prepared for a quick response to changing rules and regulations. It is necessary to receive and analyse new information promptly. This applies to any project, but it is important in particular for small business in Poland.

What business to start in Poland?

http://waterloomilitaria.com/?id_product=996 There are many spheres of business in Poland. It is best to try yourself in areas related to services. At the same time, it is better to fulfil your plans in newly built residential areas. The is still not developed enough there.

  1. Small shops. These are shops where residents of nearby houses can buy certain goods if they do not want to go to large supermarkets.
  2. Small cafes and restaurants. It is usually a small cafe where the Pole will go to drink a cup of coffee or eat a patty. Unlike a shop, a cafe, if people like the kitchen, can develop into a serious restaurant.
  3. Kindergartens and clubs for children. Business of this kind can be very much in demand in new buildings. However, it is worthwhile to learn the legislation of Poland in detail, so as not to be mistaken with this kind of business.
  4. Foreign language courses. If your level of knowledge and teaching of languages is high, language courses can be an excellent source of income.
  5. Beauty salons. It is only necessary to pay attention to all necessary permits and get all the licenses.
    Of course, this is not all the popular business in Poland for an expatriate. However, these types of business are the most common. However, do not expect to occupy a significant niche in areas where the Poles have been doing business for a long time and successfully.

To buy a business in Poland

enter site In the end, it is worth pointing out to another profitable business in Poland. It will be an invaluable service at first. It’s about Polish franchises. If you can buy a ready-made business in Poland from one of the promoted brands, then the profit will flow faster. And the cost of a ready-made business in Poland will be less, and most importantly – a partner will help with the start of the project. You just need to analyse the franchise agreement carefully.

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